I’m still super busy, but I did find time to at least get started on the suit of Spades. I was hoping that I might get some down-time over Thanksgiving, but I doubt that will happen, since I will be travelling out of state to visit family and it looks like I’ll probably be helping one of my sisters move too. So much for a relaxing holiday at home – at least I enjoy visiting family, so I’ll still be having a good time. I just won’t be getting any work done on my many personal projects. And if I don’t post again for awhile (I sense a New Year’s Resolution coming on) I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is wonderful! Now, on with the translation! Oh, and as always anything in [ brackets ] is my own commentary/observation.

Ace of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents papers concerning contracts, legal documents, or transactions. It indicates legal problems playing out poorly.

The Letter T
: Confusion, Hypersensitivity, Emotional

Floral Arrangement: Sweet Peas
Interpretation: Being very nostalgic at the moment, you become very mushy and a bit romantic. Allow yourself to be guided by your emotions to reconnect with your roots.

Large Subject: Jupiter[Zeus], in the form of a bull, carries Europa [across the Black Sea].
Interpretation: This card represents night, much like the ten of spades. It encourages you, more than anything else to follow your fanciful impulses. Beware, however, the risk of slander, your image could be damaged.

Bottom Right Subject: A man alone sits at a table with a drink in hand.
Interpretation: You need to change your health habits or your way of life. Respect your body and take care not to fall into excess. Don’t look to follow the pace of others, instead stick to following your own [pace/rhythm].

Bottom Left Subject: A suspicious woman in her doorway.
Interpretation: Don’t waste neither your time nor your strength in a commitment that only risks bringing disagreements and harm to your profession. Before saying yes to any matter whatsoever, study it with great care.

Constellation: The Belltower/Steeple [No modern equivalent]
Interpretation: It announces a successful getaway.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Europa, seduced by the beauty of Jupiter[Zeus], you will be seduced by encounters, or unexpected and tempting propositions. If you can correctly protect yourself against minor problems, you can hope to benefit from some opportunities.

2 of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents opposition and separation. It announces changes after a period of pessimism. Hope still remains.

The Letter U
: Obstinance, Idealism, Utopia

Floral Arrangement Gooseberry & Houseleek [ Houseleek? I don’t see anything like a houseleek in that illustration? ]
Interpretation: There’s a strong chance that your circle of friends is growing, but be careful, sort well those persons who quickly offer their friendship.

Large Subject: The Greek Princes ready to avenge Menelaus, go to consult with Calchas.
Interpretation: You cannot settle your problems without the advise or council of a competent person. Moreover, do not seek to settle your affairs all alone, it would be a disaster.

Bottom Right Subject: A coat of arms
Interpretation: Significant conflicts are looming on the horizon, you will be obliged to defend yourself to stop them in time. You will be in a period where you will suffer hostilities breaking out against you.

Bottom Left Subject: The ashes of King Laomedon burn in an urn.
Interpretation: You must be extra careful in your friendships or professional relationships. Do not allow anything to happen that threatens good relations with your immediate surroundings. In time, things will return to normal.

Constellation: Castor
Interpretation: It brings a lucky omen.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Greeks who decided to consult with a prophet before acting, you can also seek a person to ask, either to guide you or to give you simple advice. This way, actions you take will always be at some distance from difficulty.

3 of Spades [Group: The Unseen]

This card represents a danger to your financial or emotional stability. It’s important for you to be wary of an intruder or newcomer in your relationships.

The Letter U
: Dedication & Comprehension

Floral Arrangement: Laurel, Boxwood, Papyrus
Interpretation: You truly need to slow down the pace, a one year sabbatical would be welcome. Therefore, give yourself a little time to rediscover sources of inspiration.

Large Subject: The three fates: Clotho, Lachesis, turn and measure the thread while Atropos prepares to cut it.
Interpretation: This card recommends caution in all areas; emotional, professional, and social. Health is also affected, and it should be closely monitored. This is a very bad time for material affairs.

Bottom Right Subject: Atropos cuts the thread.
Interpretation: You surely want to change everything now. In every way, a radical change is needed, a 180 degree about-face. This is the only way for you to find peace and quiet.

Bottom Left Subject: Lachesis measures the thread.
Interpretation: This subject symbolizes a long life. It is certain that life will be peaceful and tranquil for you. Nothing will disturb or bother you in your daily habits. Enjoy life!

Constellation: Canis Minor (The small dog)
Interpretation: It represents foresight in all forms.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the three fates who quietly weave the course of time, you must learn to accept life as it is. Enjoy the good times, but also learn to face difficult times. Accept the joys, the pains, the failures & success.

4 of Spades [Group: The Unseen]

This card represents an impasse, frustration affecting family life and professed love. The situation is blocked for now.

The Letter Q
: Impetuousness, Carelessness, Fearlessness

Floral Arrangement: Perennial & Annual Sunflowers [they don’t look like sunflowers to me]
Interpretation: Do not be taken advantage of through flattery. Instead look to strengthen your assets in the company of solid, sincere people.

Large Subject: Juno (Hera) disguised as an old woman, has just persuaded Semele to make Jupiter (Zeus) reveal himself to her.
Interpretation: Someone close to you will purposely lead you astray or give you bad advice. People are lying to you for their own interests or jealousy, be careful not to fall into their trap.

Bottom Right Subject: Jupiter, as lightning, falls on Semele while she sleeps.
Interpretation: You need to beware that the wickedness of some people does not descend upon yourself. As the saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Remain distant from all quarrels or disputes.

Bottom Left Subject: A child sets fire to a bale of straw.
Interpretation: You do not need to be jealous of others. Your behavior is pointless and overall it frankly lacks discretion. The way you’re acting will not bring you any good, so don’t go blaming your friends or family.

Constellation: Piscis Austrinus (The Southern Fish)
Interpretation: It announces a rival finally defeated.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Just like the jealousy that pushes Juno to give bad advice to Semele, you must beware of those around you. Even if their reasons are entirely honorable, some people might be taking advantage of you. For your part, remember not to fall into jealousy.


I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since August!  Life has been brutally busy lately, hence the lack of time to devote to blogging and writing in general.  I’ve actually had an update to the Grand Lenormand completed for over a month, I just need to get it uploaded. OY!

So please bear with me and I hope things will start evening out a bit so that I can get back to a more regular blogging schedule.  I’m still in the midst of some fairly major projects at work that aren’t scheduled to complete until after the new year, so the updates will probably be somewhat spotty, but I’ll definitely try to be more regular than I have been over the last several weeks. I hope things in your world are going a bit more smoothly – Enjoy!

I thought I’d have this portion done over the weekend, but I had a “pet emergency” that took up a lot of time. My six year old cat, Percy, had lost a lot of weight and I was concerned that she might have cancer. So I took her to the vet Friday morning, and thankfully she did not have cancer, but she does have diabetes – SO I had to learn how to administer insulin twice a day and put her on a special diet. Honestly, I was pretty much a wreck over the weekend (she had to stay overnight at the vet Friday while they tried to get her blood sugar down and test here insulin receptivity, etc). Anyways, I’ve got pretty good with giving the shots, and it’s actually MUCH easier than when I’ve had to force a pill down. Things are now routine and we’ll just take things as they come. Anyways, here’s the next installment of my Grand Lenormand translation:

9 of Diamonds [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents promotions and career changes. It prepares you to seize opportunities for positive advancement in your new life.

The Letter N
: Energy, Adaptation, Organization

Floral Arrangement: Carthare [no translation], Juniper, Bindweed [wild morning glory]
Interpretation: In difficult times, you can only count on yourself. So don’t fear trusting in yourself because in the end you will triumph over obstacles.

Large Subject: The Argonauts embark on the ship Argo for Colchis.
Interpretation: This card represents travel and movement. You will have to take a trip in the near future [lit. in some time]. It is likely to grant you happiness and joy.

Bottom Right Subject: The Argonauts carry their ship.
Interpretation: The trip you have scheduled may be cancelled or delayed. Therefore, expect last minute changes which may annoy you or upset your plans.

Bottom Left Subject: The Argonauts receiving food.
Interpretation: The trip you have scheduled will give you great satisfaction. Expect to have a very good time relaxing, and taking pleasure. You will even find tasks interesting.

Constellation: Delphinus – The Dolphin
Interpretation: It represents courage and energy.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Argonauts who embark on the Argo for the destination of Colchis, it will be the same for you. You will travel or move for work or pleasure. Before leaving, be sure there are no changes along the way and you will be close to attaining your goal.

10 of Diamonds [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents accomplishment, a cycle which ends well, both intellectually and materially. It also represents movement.

The Letter D
: Decisiveness, Determination, Willpower

Floral Arrangement: Borage, Red Carnation, Tulip
Interpretation: You are too impressionable, and as usual, you have taken bad advice. Despite this mistake, good luck will bring you back on the right track.

Large Subject: In a palace, Pelias gives advice to Jason.
Interpretation: This card represents travel, but it also represents a bold undertaking that will demand considerable courage and ability in your conduct. Travel abroad is favored.

Bottom Right Subject: The architect Argus draws the plans for the ship Argo.
Interpretation: Travel, and still more travel, seemingly always travelling. If you have any proposals in that sense, make it a point to accept because they are good omens for your future.

Bottom Left Subject: Jason listens to the wood at the foot of the Dodona forest.
Interpretation: Stop worrying and instead listen to your intuition. As needed, go relax in the forest or better yet, engage in meditation. In any event, find the most effective way for serious contemplation.

Constellation: Leo Minor
Interpretation: It represents a quite satisfying change.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Jason taking charge of a mission he will lead to the end, you must contemplate and weigh the pros and the cons before you invest. Know that any action you take will lead you directly to success. Don’t refuse any proposal, invest completely.

Jack of Diamonds [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a messenger that brings you good news either written or verbally. Additionally, it can represent a young light-haired man under the age of 30.

The Letter T
: Collaboration, Diplomacy, Efficiency

Floral Arrangement: Dordatia, Balsam [Impatiens Balsamina], Cup & Saucer vine [Cobaea Scandens]

[NOTE: I can only find extremely obscure references in botanical writing to anything concerning “dordatia” One refers to a type of Eucryphia, and the other to a type of Calceolaria. The pics of Eucryphia seem to be a better match to me. Maybe someone more familiar with Old French would know what Dardatia actually refers to?]

Interpretation: Art is in your soul, you must put your creativity to work painting, drawing, or in music. You can’t wait to express yourself.

Large Subject: Ulysses disguised as a merchant, in search of Achilles in Lycomedes’ court.
Interpretation: This card represents a young man, intelligent and cunning. It also represents communication or messages that may be revealed to you. All that is certain is that you will be helped in your pursuits.

Bottom Right Subject: A line of armed soldiers.
Interpretation: It is essential that you do not underestimate your opponents. If you do, it will be at your own risk and peril. Be very attentive and sly, and you can defeat your opponents on their own ground.

Bottom Left Subject: Juno on a cloud.
Interpretation: You will benefit from the help or moral support of those around you. Truly, this is not the time to lose your self-confidence. Fight! Win! Show what you’re capable of.

Constellation: Argo’s Mast [Malus – no longer recognized, now part of Pyxis]
Interpretation: It announces new objectives.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Ulysses, you will act with intelligence and courage. Likewise, you will benefit from powerful protection which will permit you to win. Don’t be afraid of criticism for using your whole range of abilities to triumph, because it’s the only way to act.

Queen of Diamonds [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a rich woman, usually gifted in business. She enjoys a very high social status. It can also represent a blond woman.

The Letter O
: Possessiveness, Jealousy, Dependence

Floral Arrangement: Geranium, Horehound, Daffodil [none of those look like a daffodil to me]
Interpretation: Not all that glitters is gold, therefore beware of proposals or gifts that seem too good to be true. Surround yourself with great protection.

Large Subject: The Gods and Goddesses attend the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Eris throws the golden apple of discord, upon which is written: “To the fairest”
Interpretation: This card represents a foreign woman. She could be a business woman, or very energetic. It can also represent quarrels and disputes.

Bottom Right Subject: Paris presents an apple to Venus.
Interpretation: One can say that you are currently the focal point of a number of people. One prefers you very much to the others. Many pleasant attentions will be made toward you.

Bottom Left Subject: A snake around a tree devours birds in their nest.
Interpretation: You must protect yourself from gossip or personal vendettas. You might even suffer a betrayal coming from someone in whom you had total confidence. Remain on your guard and pay attention.

Constellation: Draco [The Dragon]
Interpretation: It represents upheaval in your projects.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the goddess Eris who arrives to provoke discord at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, you may suffer from some gossip by your friends. Protect well your professional and personal life, shelter yourself from jealousy.

King of Diamonds [Group: The Unseen]

This card represents a man of great character and great success in business. It can also represent a blond man over 40 years old.

The Letter J
: Loyalty, Responsibility, Intelligence

Floral Arrangement: Orange Blossoms, Tea Rose, Larkspur
Interpretation: Obstacles which have prevented you from expressing your creative passions will finally allow you time to express yourself.

Large Subject: Minerva [Athena] receives Gadmos [Hermes] who informs her of the invasion of snakes that threaten the Isle of Rhodes, while offering her a vase. [I’m unsure why the book suddenly switched to Roman myth-names instead of the Greek ones used up until this point]
Interpretation: This card represents a foreign man in his prime, ambitious, active, and gifted. It can also represent a stranger who will help you on your way.

Bottom Right Subject: A sow eats fruit that a crow has dropped.
Interpretation: A modest person, but of quality, will come to help or assist you in your current efforts. They will seek your approval and to provide your total satisfaction.

Bottom Left Subject: A Scarab, wing out, sits on the finger of a young woman.
Interpretation: You will conduct business or exchange services with people who are not thinking of making a profit. Even if this is solely based on shared interests, do not neglect it because it will be worth your while.

Constellation: Volans [The Flying Fish]
Interpretation: It brings patience and wisdom.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Gadmos [Hermes] who warns Minerva [Athena] to be vigilant, you will also need to pay attention to proposals and friendships given too easily. Know that nothing is done altruistically, there are always hidden interests.

So me and the rest of my guildmates are getting pretty excited about GW2 (Guild Wars 2), and it’s going to be a reunion of sorts.  Many of the members have been split between various games recently; SWTOR, Rift, LOTRO, EVE, etc.  But GW2 looks like it will be bringing most of us back together – at least for the opening weeks.  I’m pretty much sold on a long-term GW2 adventure, with occasional forays back to my “mainstays” of EVE and LOTRO.

So far, I really like what I’ve seen in GW2.  In fact, all of the Beta Weekend Events (BWEs) were silky-smooth experiences for me, even with graphics turned up to the Max setting.  It wasn’t until the stress tests that things started going south for me, mainly in the graphics area (tears and disappearing landscape) – so hopefully those were just artifacts of the nature of the stress tests (crossing fingers).  As a guild, we’ve already switched servers once, and it looks like we may have to switch again over the opening weekend.  We all loathe waiting in queue times, so if our current server has unreasonable queues (20+ mins) we will definitely be moving.

As for me, I know my “mains” are going to be a Char Guardian and a Sylvan Mesmer.  If they ever bring the GW1 Ritualist into GW2, that will immediately become my main! My least favored classes were the Thief and the Ranger, which somewhat mirrors my least favored GW1 classes of Assassin and Ranger. Although I didn’t really like my Warrior in GW1 either.  My favorite GW1 classes were the Ritualist (by FAR), Necromancer, and Mesmer. I tried the Necro in GW2, but for some reason it just didn’t click with me.

Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to the release of GW2, and I even took some extra days off later in the week to make a extra-long Labor Day weekend – I hope the game is stabilized by that weekend. We’ll see.  And maybe I’ll see some of you out in the wilds of Tyria – Enjoy!

Here is the next installment of my translation, I think I’m getting a bit better with the translation work as I progress, so that’s good. I’m also thinking about re-creating this deck with proper floral and constellation attributions, but that’s a long way off. Once I get this translation project complete, I’ll revisit that possibility. Enjoy!

5 of Diamonds [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents rewards and the promise of success in business affairs. It emphasizes your ability to rise to all challenges.

The Letter B
Represents: Possessiveness, Ability [lit: Facility], Irregularity

Floral Arrangement: Clover, Clove Tree Flowers, Coral Necklace (Illecebrum paronychia)
Interpretation: You’ve asked for advice. You have a mistake to correct today. Accept a compromise, it will allow you to regain your position.

[Note: There is some disagreement whether Giroflee actually translates as Cloves, or just a flower that smells like cloves, like the carnations, gilliflowers, pinks, or even some geraniums, wallflowers, or stocks]

Large Subject: Facing Scorpio, Phaeton drops the reins of the Chariot of the Sun.
Interpretation: This card represents imprudence and carelessness. Therefore, if you lack courage, it is absolutely necessary to be strong enough to face defeat. But it’s not a reason to make hasty decisions.

Bottom Right Subject: Two women argue.
Interpretation: You have a tendency to speak before you think. Try to better manage yourself because your work could suffer consequences and your chances for success could be compromised.

Bottom Left Subject: A policeman sits at a table.
Interpretation: Justice is the order of the day. In effect, you’ll likely be annoyed by problems relative to the law. Contact with the justice system may disturb you for some time.

Constellation: The Chameleon
Interpretation: It represents an obvious lack of lucidity.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Phaeton who loosed the reins of pride, you are in error. Do not wait for control to return to the situation at hand, act quickly if you don’t want to lose your goal. But do it with tact and modesty so you don’t find yourself embarrassed later.

6 of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents success in your projects, if you make necessary corrections and follow through in your affairs. Be prudent even in contract.

The Letter M
: Stubbornness and difficulty expressing yourself.

Floral Arrangement: Heather, Rhododendron, Strawberry with leaves
Interpretation: If you have been the target of rumors, slander, or gossip, all will be in order eventually. This experience will teach you to be less trusting.

Large Subject: A mongoose in the jaws of a crocodile, to gnaw on his heart.
Interpretation: This card has a bad reputation; it represents perverse characters, treacherous and negative. It can unmask a criminal or an enemy. But the crocodile also symbolizes an ordeal which permits you to grow.

Bottom Right Subject: A falling star [or a Comet?]
Interpretation: You should change who your dating, because they’re not bringing you anything good. One could even say they’re depraved and preventing you from growing. Unfortunately, your habits are no better in this area.

Bottom Left Subject: A woman plays the guitar while a man plays a drum.
Interpretation: You may have a disgruntled couple in your surroundings, also some distrust because you may assume some indiscretion has been committed. Be vigilant and keep your distance from mere acquaintances.

Constellation: Medusa
Interpretation: It represents danger that may come from all sides.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Don’t be like the crocodile that allows the mongoose into his mouth without thinking about the consequences. Instead, protect yourself against anything and anyone. Beware of couples who lie to you or want to seduce you, they can hurt you gravely.

7 of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents success in all areas. It stimulates your vital energy grants you the necessary concentration to succeed in your affairs.

The Letter L
: Versatility, Demands, Obstinance

Floral Arrangement: Love in a Puff (Balloon Flower), St. John’s Wort, Hellebore (Lentin Rose)
Interpretation: You lack clarity. Those you thought of as close friends have stolen your ideas and your projects. Profit by it now by working together.

Large Subject: The wife of Epimetheus, Pandora, opens the box.
Interpretation: If you’re having problems, you can soften it simply by avoiding passing the time recollecting your failures. This card invites you act quickly, instead of dreaming. No more idleness, it’s time for action.

Bottom Right Subject: A desperate man
Interpretation: You are in a difficult transition. Nothing is favored, not love, not business, nor money. Therefore, you must wait before trying to fix things, under pain of seeing it get out of hand very quickly.

Bottom Left Subject: A beggar
Interpretation: You are in an extremely difficult transition, nothing is favored, not love, not business, nor money. You must avoid trying to fix anything, under pain of seeing it broken beyond repair.

Constellation: The Vulture [now known as the Lyre]
Interpretation: It announces new hopes.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Pandora disobeyed by opening the box, which allowed all of the miseries that hinder our daily lives to escape. Do not commit the same reckless error, listen to advice before acting. Take time to verify in detail each case before entering into or engaging it.

8 of Diamonds [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents a roadblock to ongoing activities. It also represents an impasse which you need to break in order to leave and continue anew.

The Letter A
: Enthusiasm, Willpower, Initiative

Floral Arrangement: Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, Silphium [cup plant; silphium perfoliatum]
Interpretation: You don’t like changes to your daily life. However, the time to come will bring you a transformation that you will need to confront head on.

Large Subject: Ganymede presents ambrosia of the gods to those around him.
Interpretation: Take a good look at those around you, because a good friend or benefactor is looking to make you an offer that would allow you to achieve your ambitions. A position promised to you may become available. [lit. unblocked]

Bottom Right Subject: A studious young man.
Interpretation: You must take an internship or some training before you seriously embark on a new project. If you don’t get the appropriate training, you may find your chances going up in flames.

Bottom Left Subject: A teacher working with children
Interpretation: You must not let go of your hold, because in the end you will reap the fruits of your labor. Although the beginning may have been laborious, you will successfully find the means of pulling yourself up to a reasonable place in society.

Constellation: Musca [originally “The Bee” – but it has since been changed]
Interpretation: It represents good intuition.

Global Interpretation of the Card
Like Ganymede who acquired immortality thanks to the protection of Zeus, listen closely to those who offer you interesting propositions, because they are likely to lead you to real success. Thanks to your qualities and efforts, you will rapidly obtain an honored place in society.

In this post I start the section of the book with the interpretation of the cards in the suit of Diamonds. In other news, the other book I ordered (also in French) arrived this week, so I can start doing some comparisons, but I don’t want that to color this translation work, so I’ll refrain from posting any of the comparative data until after I finish this current work. Enjoy!

Ace of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents good news in terms of business. Interesting propositions, fruitful projects, and building solid foundations for current affairs and those to come.

The Letter S
Represents: Cleverness, Independence, Creativity

Floral Arrangement: Reeds, Purple Loosestrife, Rose
Interpretation: A new beginning awaits you on the professional or emotional level, after traversing a very difficult to manage period. It’s worth patiently waiting for.

Large Subject: Harpocrates seated on a lotus hands a letter to Mercury.
Interpretation: You’re going to see your ambitions realized, possibly in connection with writing or travel abroad. However, caution is recommended. Keep watch over all of your secret projects, and if you need to bring someone into your confidence, choose well.

Bottom Right Subject: Anubis, an Egyptian God, watches over some papers.
Interpretation: If you must appeal to someone to be your messenger, you can have every confidence in them, they will not betray you. They will remain discrete on all counts with any confidence you make with them.

Bottom Left Subject: Argus, the giant with a hundred eyes, reads a letter.
Interpretation: Wisdom is recommended in your projects, you have a tendency to talk too much about what you’re doing. Learn to stay quiet and don’t talk about your business until it’s done. Additionally, beware of your indiscretions.

Constellation: Telescopium [‘The Telescope’ – another ‘modern’ constellation]
Interpretation: It announces displacement of all kinds.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Mercury who represents change and communication, you will receive important messages about your future. Keep everything secret, divulge nothing before the final agreements. Some messages will be very positive, others somewhat less.

2 of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents partnerships in business or private life. It announces success and a positive outcome in connection with several people.

The Letter P
: Discretion, Independence, Calm

Floral Arrangement: Yellow Violet, Gentian, Buttercup
Interpretation: You’re living in the past. It’s time for you to let go of those things that cause you too much nostalgia, because it’s slowing you from your true potential [lit.your current evolution].

Large Subject: A child riding on a goat. [most likely Zeus and Amalthea, less likely; Cupid and Pan, since the card is about child rearing (not sensual desires), and Amalthea gave suck to Zeus]
Interpretation: This card represents fertility and motherhood. It could also announce the birth of a business or simply that of a child. It awakens sensual and natural pleasures.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman in front of the Marsh Fairy. [ ? a fairy god-mother]
Interpretation: If you’ve made mistakes, providence will fix things quickly. Soon there will be more danger of failure for you on the horizon, but you will find you can continue safely on your way.

Bottom Left Subject: A young woman in front of Eugenia, the goddess of pregnancy. [Most probably Eileithyia, Eleuthia, Ereutija – Greek goddess of childbirth & midwifery]
Interpretation: If you’re not married, a child may be born in your home. This birth may cause you some minor material or availability problems. You may find yourself confronted by some embarrassment.

Constellation: Pisces
Interpretation: It announces a period of good luck.

Overall Interpretation of the card
This card represents birth and warns against unwanted pregnancies. It would be good to take some time to think about your future and that of this child. It’s the same if you have business projects; reflection remains a major asset before you begin [lit. engage].

3 of Diamonds [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents great success in future projects, if they are conscientiously established. At the same time you will need to expend a lot of energy.

The Letter E
: Mobility, Curiosity, Expression.

Floral Arrangement: Ivy, Thorn, Mock Orange, Rosemary
Interpretation: You spend too much energy day dreaming about romantic adventures. Even if they concern you, give it up [lit. take a pass on this cross].

Large Subject: Castor and Pollux, twin sons of Leda and Zeus hold hands.
Interpretation: Despite a profound union or friendship normally foolproof, you’re going to go through a real crisis with difficulties to overcome. A difficult time, but not impossible to get through safely, it all depends on you.

Bottom Right Subject: A man on a horse.
Interpretation: Due to a broken heart, you will take a little trip to clear your head and forget your sadness. Additionally, you may find you need to take a business trip.

Bottom Left Subject: Two palm trees, side by side, but not touching each other.
Interpretation: The palm represents and symbolizes solitude. You may not be able to come together, whether on the personal or professional level. You will be sailing for some time in a type of sadness.

Constellation: Gemini
Interpretation: It represents uncertainty in what to do.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Castor and Pollux, you may go through some difficult times in your love life or friendships. But know that there’s nothing impossible in the future. A good star can always be there to give you relief.

4 of Diamonds [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents difficult decisions to be taken in the professional, personal, or financial domain. Don’t rush it.

The Letter O
: Willpower, Obstinance, Comprehension

Floral Arrangement: Nettles, Judas Tree, Bryony
Interpretation: You will most certainly find someone who will help you enormously in a very difficult time in your life. New connections will likely be made.

Large Subject: Medea the enchantress, in love with Jason, gives him a package.
Interpretation: This card represents very powerful protection. It tells that the person who loves you will likely bring you wealth and possibly drive you toward your aspirations.

Bottom Right Subject: Jason throws powder at the dragon
Interpretation: Currently, you are in full possession of your faculties an sure of yourself. You’re right and you know it, success is at hand. Don’t ask questions and remain self assured.

Bottom Left Subject: Jason faces a furious bull.
Interpretation: You doubt, even worse, you have fears and frights. They’re not justified because your problems will rapidly resolve themselves. Fear nothing and reprove yourself, save your energy for the victory.

Constellation: Cygnus [the swan]
Interpretation: It represents luck and providence.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Jason who is protected by Medea, you will also be protected by a person with a lot of friendship or sympathy for you. Even if you have some difficulty, don’t feel down, keep your self confidence, these problems will be of short duration and cannot directly affect you.

In this, the fourth part of my attempt at translating from the original French, I present the cards from the 8 of Clubs to the King of Clubs. In my next installment, I will begin working on translating the next suit; Diamonds. Until then, Enjoy!

Nine of Clubs [Group: The Golden Fleece & The Zodiac]
This card represents good financial prospects. Richness in all areas and particularly in associations with a prosperous partner.

The Letter I
: Passion, Idealism, & Inspiration

Floral Arrangement: Red Clover, Hellebore (Lenten Rose), Moss
Interpretation: Prudence is recommended in these times where you have a tendency to exaggerate and waste. This is not a good time for gambling or financial risks.

Large Subject: Hercules fights against the Lernaean Hydra. At the same time, a crayfish sent by Hera pricks his heel. [Note: In the second labor of Hercules, Hera actually sends a crab (Cancer) which Hercules crushes under foot during the battle w/ the Hydra]
Interpretation: If your current situation isn’t very good, you now have every chance to realize your ambitions. If you’re currently very well off, you may find that you need to settle some minor problems.

Bottom Right Subject: A miser counts his coins.
Interpretation: You’re in a situation where you are going to find yourself facing some small financial problems. A loan will surely be welcome. It’s time to call in a few favors [lit. play your supporters], they will be of great assistance.

Bottom Left Subject: An Indian selling dates.
Interpretation: You are in a prosperous period which permits you to realize your most secret desires. Success smiles on you. You can allow yourself to begin your most ambitious projects. The outcome will be beneficial. [Lit. The profits will be advantageous.]

Constellation: Hercules
Interpretation: It announces a large availability [of funds]

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Hercules continuing to fight, even when Hera sent her crab, you must bravely face the tests and obstacles presented to you. It’s only through your will and courage that you will find your ability to obtain success and rewards in your affairs.

Ten of Clubs [Group: The Trojan War]
This card represents a large return of money that may occur in an unexpected way. It signifies a changing cycle bringing luck in all matters.

The Letter O
: Volition, Obstinance, Comprehension

Floral Arrangement: Rasele [?], Pineapple Flowers, Nicotiana [Flowering Tobacco]
Interpretation: Beware of your surroundings. It seems that you are surrounded by too many people claiming sincerity and devotion. These people may be harmful to you.

Large Subject: Ulysses & Diomedes outside the enemy camp after stealing Rhesus’ horses.
Interpretation: Currently, if you undertake a risky adventure, you must be like a true warrior, combative and determined. If you lack the courage, stop immediately, you cannot succeed.

Bottom Right Subject: Patroclus wounded by Hector, falters.
Interpretation: You think you have almost made it to your goal. Beware and cautious that something unforeseen may try to dissuade you. An unexpected shock may disturb you.

Bottom Left Subject: A pretty bunch of grapes.
Interpretation: You will win the battle, but it’s not over yet since you still need to negotiate with skill and diplomacy. Keep all of your strength and energy for a brilliant conclusion.

Constellation: The Unicorn [Monoceros / La Licorne]
Interpretation: It represents difficulties finally surmounted.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Ulysses and Diomedes, you must face rivalries with flamboyance, obstinance, and composure [lit. cold-blood]. You alone are master of your actions and you can never blame someone else. Make no mistakes.

Jack of Clubs [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents a businessman who has great ambition. It often also represents a dark, young man under the age of thirty.

The Letter K
: Power, Volition, Impulsiveness

Floral Arrangement: Carnation, Moonseed, Scarlet Pimpernel
Interpretation: You exude peerless romanticism. With the temperament of a true blue flower, you radiate a natural charm. Your gifts of seduction are put forward.

Large Subject: To arrive first, before Atalanta, Hippomenes drops three golden apples.
Interpretation: This card represents a dark young man, active and persevering. He must use his charm and ingenuity to resolve a difficult situation. It’s the only way he can succeed in unlocking the situation.

Bottom Right Subject: An old man tries to seduce a pretty young woman with fine promises.
Interpretation: You will need to employ any tricks you know, even throwing dust in the eyes of certain people in order to succeed in your pursuit. You have no other choice to be heard.

Bottom Left Subject: Venus passes by in her chariot drawn by birds.
Interpretation: You have within you the very simple means of charm and seduction, so use them. Take a chance, especially if you’re romancing someone because it’s far from a lost cause, quite the contrary.

Constellation: The Horse [ Pegasus? ]
Interpretation: It brings a great power of inspiration.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Hippomenes, use cunning and ingenuity to defend yourself or assert yourself. But remain always vigilant that you don’t fall into dishonesty. All the same, this card will always give you the inspiration needed to achieve your goal.

Queen of Clubs [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents fortune and success in both the professional and emotional life. For more precision, adjacent cards will give more detail.

The Letter F
: Adaptation, Equilibrium, Responsibility

Floral Arrangement: Pistil & Stamens, Honeysuckle, Quatre Saisons Rose (Damask Rose)
Interpretation: Don’t be surprised if your wished for results don’t meet the height of your ambitions. It seems that you have not thoroughly done enough work.

Large Subject: The three Hesperides in full discussion, keep the tree with the golden apples.
Interpretation: This card represents a dark-haired, intelligent woman with a love for money. She must better learn to manage her money, because she is often very wasteful. She must also learn to discern between true and false friends.

Bottom Right Subject: A very elegant young woman with a fan.
Interpretation: You will meet some people in a group or club that will match your ambitions completely. You will be well known and your talent will be promoted very quickly.

Bottom Left Subject: A panther sees himself in a mirror.
Interpretation: You have a strong tendency toward careless behavior. You obey your selfish and capricious manners. You must change this way of acting to grow in other areas.

Constellation: The Pleiades
Interpretation: It announces an essential need for reflection.

Overall Interpretation of the card
The Hesperides often represent a woman in your life; a daughter, sister, friend, or possibly your wife. This very sympathetic woman will undoubtedly be fully available for your pleasure.
[lit: This very sympathetic woman will bring to you without any doubt all her availability for you to be pleased.]

King of Clubs [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents a generous and honest man that easily earns his living. Often it represents a man with dark hair over the age of 40.

The Letter G
: Efficiency, Volition, Analysis

Floral Arrangement: Corn Poppy, Basil, Plumbago
Interpretation: This period is favorable for meeting with a businessman or patron. You’re knocking on all the right doors to find the assistance you need.

Large Subject: Blinded by the gods, Phineas, king of Thrace, dictates the route for the Argonauts while the harpies steal his food.
Interpretation: This card represents a mature, dark haired man. An excellent counselor, he surmounts anything that might be painful for others. This is a wise man that can help you and get you back on the right track.

Lower Right Subject: A dove nears the Symplegades (clashing rocks) that lead to Colchis.
Interpretation: Caution is recommended if you have to take a trip or relocate. You are at a stage where you must closely monitor the beginning of any new enterprise or association.

Lower Left Subject: The dove has passed through the Symplegades (clashing rocks).
Interpretation: If you have scheduled a trip in the coming days, you’re likely to have a very good time. It will be the same for any new enterprise which will be crowned with success and rewards.

Constellation: Frederick’s Glory [obsolete – composed of stars in Andromeda & Cassiopeia]
Interpretation: It foretells new certainties.

Overall Interpretation of the card
In the same way that Phineas indicates the route for the Argonauts, a man you know is ready to help you. It could be your father, brother, a friend, or even your spouse.

In this third part I present the translations as best I can from the original French pertaining to the 5 of Clubs to the 8 of Clubs. I hope you will find the information useful, enjoy!

5 of Clubs [group: The Trojan War]
Founded on solid financial footing, this card represents hope for the future. A partner could help you make some money, unless they’re an heir [of yours].

The Letter T
Represents: Emotion, Imagination, Duality

Floral Arrangement: Pistil [Lit: pistil of a flower – Hibiscus?], Etamine [Lit. stamen of a flower – Amaryllis?], Lime/Linden
Interpretation: Your morale may take a hit [cut], because you cannot realize your projects. In the artistic domain, you just need to suffer a little simple patience.

Large Subject: Protected by Venus[Aphrodite], Paris abducts Helen, wife of Menelaus.
Interpretation: You risk becoming a victim of an abuse of trust following contact with disreputable people. Your property, happiness, or situation is under threat. But this card may equally represent the risk of broken [lit. ruptured] emotions.

Bottom Right Subject: Agamemnon walks in discussion with Menelaus.
Interpretation: Currently you have some profound feelings of vengeance darkening you. It would be best to calm those feelings in order to move on to other things. Inner peace is welcome.

Bottom Left Subject: Helen, alone in front of an open book, implores the gods.
Interpretation: Are you being true to your feelings? This is the whole question, do not confuse love, desire, tenderness, or even friendship. Personal introspection seems indispensible to finding yourself.

Constellation: George’s Harp [No longer recognized – according to Wikipedia, near Taurus]
Interpretation: It announces love with a capital L!

Overall Interpretation of the card

In abducting Helen, Paris commits an act of treason. Pay attention that you are not betrayed or violated personally or professionally. You must remain as absolutely vigilant as possible.

6 of Clubs [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents rewards and bonuses of all kinds. At the same time it announces inevitable tensions within your relations among others.

The Letter H
Represents: Ambition, Determination, & Opportunities

Floral Arrangement: Geranium, Yew
Interpretation: Stop doubting your abilities, Be more positive and you will start winning. It’s important to have confidence in yourself.

Large Subject: Paris and Menelaus are on the verge of singular combat. Two sheep are about to be sacrificed.
Interpretation: Do not bow your head to protest injustice. Take time to prepare your counter attack and let your opponent go on the offensive. In this way, you can expect reconciliation.

Bottom Right Subject: Ulysses and Diomedes steal the Palladium [from the city of Troy]
Interpretation: You will overcome all current obstacles. Your energy is so great that it completely crushes your opponent. So you have everything in hand to reach your goal.

Bottom Left Subject: In a moment of solitude, Achilles plays the lyre.
Interpretation: You feel sad, alone, and isolated. You must not remain in this state, otherwise you will run yourself right into depression. Change your thoughts, do not sit alone. Watch your health.

Constellation: Arcturus [a.k.a. Bootes, The Shepherd]
Interpretation: It often represents solitude/loneliness.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Paris and Menelaus, you must face a situation that requires clarification. Don’t succumb to anger or violence, but instead remain calm and serene. This serenity will benefit you in settling this affair, and also for the future.

7 of Clubs [Group: The Zociac (lit. The Order of Time)]

This card represents the need to closely follow your projects. It requires effort and a certain amount of knowledge before being led to success.

The Letter G
Represents: Willpower, Efficiency, Concentration

Floral Arrangement: Hibiscus [China Rose], Weeping Willow, Chestnut
Interpretation: A new arrival takes a large step into your love life. If you’re alone, there is a chance that this will change very quickly. One will also speak of you.

Large Subject: The God Pan transforms into Capricorn to escape from the giant who climbs [to] the sky.
Interpretation: If you have artistic talent, you will encounter success very quickly. You will owe it to yourself to move and travel for great pleasure. This card represents a promise [lit: a pledge] of elevation and success.

Bottom Right Subject: A worker holding tools [lit: a worker holds in his hands some tools]
Interpretation: You’re truly very clever with your hands, it seems that your creative potential will drive you straight to fame, but beware, there’s one condition – to renounce wealth.

Bottom Left Subject: An oven with flames coming out.
Interpretation: Even if one flatters you profusely, beware, nothing is ever won in advance. Do not allow yourself to fall asleep, especially if you’re promised fame and fortune. Ask for some time to reflect and make a decision.

Constellation: Orion [The Hunter (That’s really supposed to be Orion? LOL)]
Interpretation: It brings doubts and uncertainty.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

The God Pan counsels you to obtain what you want by means of your seductive talents. But remain very cautious in the negotiations; do not hesitate to act tactfully and gently. Stay well on your guard.

8 of Clubs [ Group: The Hermetic Science – Alchemy ]

This card represents the anxieties of financial planning. A project is at serious risk to play out as double or nothing. The financial situation is not great.

The Letter D
Represents: Determination, Efficiency, Tenacity

Floral Arrangement: Marjoram (Basil? Oregano?), Pistils & Stamen
Interpretation: Finally, you reap the fruits of your labor and efforts. You are, in all ways, productive and radiate an immense joy that makes you generous.

Large Subject: The alchemist between two containers indicates the contents that are fixed and those volatile.
Interpretation: This card always marks the desire for affectionate or friendly relations. If you wish for marriage [lit: union], your desire will be realized without major problems. Loneliness will soon give way to a happy marriage [lit: union].

Bottom Right Subject: A container with the solid matter, given voluntarily distant from the volatile. [Taking for granted its distance from the volatile]
Interpretation: Your marriage [couple] is going through turmoil and tension. Nothing too serious to fear, all couples go through this. By contrast, if this has been going on for awhile, there is a real risk of separation [rupture].

Bottom Left Subject: The solid and volatile matter are mixed in the same container.
Interpretation: You are very lucky because happiness brightens your marriage [couple] and your daily life. All current friendly relations evolve in joy, good humor, and harmony. Take full advantage of these sweet moments of pleasure and tenderness.

Constellation: Ursa Major – The Big Bear [the Big Dipper makes up part of the Big Bear]
Interpretation: It gives mastery over the emotions.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Between the solid and the volatile, the alchemist seeks and finds harmony and equilibrium. It will be the same for you if you manage to find a good combination, whether material, professional, or emotional. In all ways, all forms of union without exception will be favorable for you.

[Part 1] – [Part 2] – [Part 3]

This is a continuation of my (rough) translation of a French book concerning the Astro Mythological Lenormand, AKA “Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand.” I’m posting this directly from MS Word, so it may not look terribly pretty, but hopefully it’s at least functional. Once the project is complete (in the far distant future, lol), I hope to post it as a singular PDF file. This posting covers the Ace-Four of Clubs.

Interpretation of the cards:

Ace – 4 of Clubs

Ace of Clubs [group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents the chance of success, both personal and professional. For more precision, the neighboring cards will give some details.

The Letter C
Represents: Expression, Ingenuity, Liveliness

Floral Arrangement: Tremella (Fairy Butter?), Daisy, Blue Bells
Interpretation: Now is the time for creative self expression through painting, music, writing, etc. In a word, make yourself a work of art.

Large Subject: Jason in the forest, fighting his last battle for the Golden Fleece.
Interpretation: Success after having to fight a little. You have all the cards to play it your way. Triumph and success are assured on all endeavors/tests.

Bottom Right Subject: Jason and Medea are walking in a reception.
Interpretation: Your well-being and serenity are disturbed by the arrival of news that may upset your projects. Keep calm, things will sort out without great inconvenience.

Bottom Left Subject: Jason and Medea going away on a boat.
Interpretation: You feel the need to take some vacation and to relax for awhile. You can finally go on a trip and enjoy your free time renewing ties to certain people you may have lost sight of.

Constellation: Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer)
Interpretation: Success in all domains.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Great success in all domains. Get away from negative people during the necessary time to complete all of your projects. You will find a way, like Jason, to fight and overcome difficulties and emerge victorious in all situations.

2 of Clubs [Group: The Unforseen]
This card represents the dangers in associations. It recommends prudence in collaborations for the time being.

The Letter J
Represents: Creativity, Intelligence, Loyalty

Floral Arrangement: Wheat, Statice, Ash
Interpretation: You will be empowered to change your interior, whether in your home, or your behavior.

Large Subject: Goddesses basking on the banks of a river with small pots of gold, also called Jackpots.
Interpretation: These goddesses announce an inheritance, presents, a gift or even a completely unexpected win. Always a sign of happiness and tranquility in the coming weeks.

Bottom Right Subject: A bird in flight to land on top of a rock.
Interpretation: You must come to understand that you must make some effort to understand and indulge those around you. These efforts will bring you much satisfaction, dedication is always rewarded.

Bottom Left Subject: A bird resting on top of a rock.
Interpretation: Here you are finally free from material concerns, troubles, torments, or worries. The door is now wide open for financial transactions or investments without fear.

Constellation: Aquila (The Eagle)
Interpretation: A very satisfactory elevation.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
This glittering river truly symbolizes happiness for you and yours. Luck and opportunities of all kinds will be there for your enjoyment. Often, meeting a determined person that will bring you success.

3 of Clubs [Group: The Hermetic Science]
This card represents material rewards and financial stability. It contributes to the expansion of business affairs and the success of negotiations.

The Letter V
Represents: Mastery, Inspiration, Construction

Floral Arrangement
White Lilac, Willow, & Cockle [most likely Cow Cockle/Soapwort – saponaria vaccaria ]
Interpretation: Creative & inspired, all aesthetic concerns are particularly beneficial for you now. An ideal period for artistic inclinations.

Large Subject: The alchemical matter begins to dissolve. Kneeling down, the alchemist observes the change. 
Interpretation: Like the alchemist, you will always be rewarded for your efforts and your patience. After a period in darkness, you finally find yourself in the light. Here is a great promise of joy, union and happiness.

Bottom Right Subject: Martea, goddess of heirs [inheritance], receives a visit from a man.
Interpretation: You can obtain an inheritance or a very important job change and especially advantageous. Caution that you do not fall into greedy behavior or profit & success at any price.

Bottom Left Subject: The three providers, daughters of the priest Anuis.
Interpretation: You are at this time in an extremely positive cycle, both materially and emotionally. Enjoy this auspicious time to consolidate or create your savings. If you’re having some health issues, everything will be OK. [ literal translation: all will be returned to order ]

Constellation: Hydra
Interpretation: Inspiration from meetings [visits, social gatherings, appointments].

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like the alchemist, if you remain calm and attentive, you will be rewarded for your patience. A very beneficial change awaits you in a short time, thanks to an important meeting. There’s a happy and quite unexpected turn of events presented to you.

4 of Clubs [Group: The Hermetic Science]
This card represents the loss of money or objects of all kinds. It recommends caution in business, because your balance will be hard to hold.

The Letter B
Represents: Sensitivity, Reservation, and Emotion.

Floral Arrangement: Gillyflower [which can be stocks, wallflowers, or almost any fragrant flower], and Cacao.
Interpretation: Although your love for your companion is not returned in the same fashion, be patient. Time will offer a reason.

Large Subject: The alchemist observes with great interest the dissolving matter.
Interpretation: You are so totally enamored that your passion has made you lose touch with reality. For a male consultant this card represents a sincere [true] love. For a female consultant, a mad passion that risks being a flash in the pan.

Bottom Right Subject: A grisette is visited by a gentleman.
[Via Google, a grisette is a young working woman, individualistic, artistic, usually poor to very modest means, sometimes refers to part-time prostitutes (?), often a bohemian]
Interpretation: Your feelings are unreasonable and exaggerated. You find yourself in completely false reality, and this puts you in a weak position. Be objective, you cannot impose [force] fidelity.

Bottom Left Subject: Sitting at a table, a young woman writes.
Interpretation: You work to consolidate [strengthen] your renown [reputation]. Writing or speech [communication] remains a strong asset that you should continue to develop. Once again, success will be obtained thanks to your efforts.

Constellation: Cerberus [3-headed guard-dog of Hell]
Interpretation: A recommendation to withhold your friendship.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Excess often provokes negative effects. You have to know to appreciate the pleasures of your new successes and the rewards from your work, without changing your behavior by becoming too proud. Do not allow yourself to be influence by greed. [Literally: Do not free yourself to be influenced by the appetite for gain.]

[Part 1] – [Part 2] – [Part 3]

[Part 1] – [Part 2][Part 3]

Finding information in English on the unique deck known as “The Astro Mythological (Grand Jeu) of Mlle. Lenormand” is quite difficult. However there are several books out from France that do cover this particular (and peculiar) deck. I’ve decided to put my decades old minor in French to the test to try and render a passable translation of one of the more popular books out there on this subject: Le Livre du Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand; Les 54 cartes et leurs definitions – Des methodes de tirage simplifiees” by Jean Didier. You can get both the deck and the book from Amazon.fr (the French version of Amazon.com).

[Note: Text in brackets are my personal notations and are not present in the book]

[Front Cover]
[title] The book of the large deck of Ms. Lenormand
[subtitle] The 54 cards an their meanings
(and) Simple Methods for divination
(by) Jean Didier
(publisher) Editions Trajectoir


Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand, born in Alencon, Normandy in 1772, was the greatest clairvoyant of her time. She notably predicted the tragic end to Marat and Robespierre. Napoleon Bonaparte was equally in her consultations and now knew that she exercised a great influence on Josephine de Beauharnais. The deck that she created “Le Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand” permitted a subjective interpretation of the planetary “salon” cards.

Today much utilized in professional clairvoyant consultations, the deck has made a place for itself, rich with interpretations. Appearing to be of hermetic knowledge and complicated by the number of subjects on each card, the deck becomes simple and logical once all of the elements are explained in detail and in a clear, easy language.

I ask you to take some time to review each card, one by one, where you may discover the secrets each figure represents on each card.

When finished, the interpretations given in the following pages are instructive and important, but equally made to serve as guidelines.

You will find, like other divinatory decks, you will learn appropriate interpretations combined with your own intuition.

Using the large deck

The large deck contains 54 cards: 2 represent consultants (Male/Female), 52 are divided into 5 categories.

The Golden Fleece – Representing commerce/business, contains 6 cards: 10 of Diamonds, 9 of Diamonds, King of Clubs, 4 of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, 9 of Clubs.

The War of Troy – Representing strength over weakness, contains 9 cards: 5 of Clubs, 2 of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, 10 of Clubs, 9 of Spades, 6 of Clubs, 6 of Spades, 8 of Spades, Queen of Diamonds

The Hermetic Science [Alchemy?] – Representing marriage, contains 7 cards: 7 of Spades, 3 of Clubs, 4 of Clubs, 8 of Clubs, 6 of Hearts, 7 of Hearts, 10 of Hearts

The Unforeseen – [apparently self-explanatory], contains 19 cards: 10 of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, 7 of Diamonds, 8 of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, 6 of Diamonds, 2 of Hearts, King of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, 3 of Spades, 4 of Spades, Queen of Clubs, 5 of Hearts, 10 of Spades, Ace of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, King of Spades

The Order of Time – Representing the signs of the Zodiac, contains 12 cards: Jack of Hearts, Ace of Spades, 3 of Diamonds, 9 of Clubs, 9 of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Spades, 5 of Diamonds, 5 of Spades, 7 of Clubs, 8 of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts

Note – the 9 of Hearts exists in two groups; The Golden Fleece and The Order of Time.

Table of Zodiac signs & Time values [months, days, weeks, whatever]:

Jack of Hearts, Aries, 3
Ace of Spades, Taurus, 6
3 of Diamonds, Gemini, 9
9 of Clubs, Cancer, 12
9 of Hearts, Leo, 15
Queen of Hearts, Virgo, 18
Jack of Spades, Libra, 21
5 of Diamonds, Scorpio, 24
5 of Spades, Sagittarius, 27
7 of Clubs, Capricorn, 30
8 of Diamonds, Aquarius, 33
4 of Hearts, Pisces, 36

An event that is signified by these cards will be realized in the given time frame, for example, with the 7 of clubs: Capricorn announces something happening in either 3 or 30 days.

[I created the following picture to help illustrate the next bit of text – this image is not in the book]

Each card carries about a number of supplemental indications/interpretations.

  1. Upper Left = An image of the classic “poker” card face
  2. Upper Middle = A constellation which announces a clear way for certain events
  3. Upper Right = A letter of the alphabet which qualifies/clarifies the card meaning
  4. Center = the principle subject which gives a general interpretation of the card by the scene it presents.
  5. Bottom Left = The left-subject, which gives more precision in the reading regarding the card to left side of this card.
  6. Bottom Middle = A floral arrangement, which speaks to the creativity and sentiments of the consultant [also see “The Language of Flowers” – a very Victorian-era means of communication]
  7. Bottom Right = The right-subject, which gives more precision in the reading regarding the card to the right side of this card.

A Simple Spread: The Triangle [and how the bottom corner images relate to one another]

Shuffle the cards well while concentrating on a precise question. Cut the deck and place it face down on the table in front of you and draw three cards:

  1. The forces acting on the object in question
  2. Gives an idea toward near future events and may also suggest an attitude to face the question with confidence
  3. Possible final (long term) outcome concerning the question.

[Note how the lower scenes are only read against other neighboring lower scenes. This spread is described in the last pages of the book, but I think it’s helpful to present it early to illustrate how the small corner images are interpreted in a reading.]

[End Translation]

In my next post I will begin presenting the cards one-by-one, by suit, as they are given in the book. I may try to include several cards in one post, but I’ll have to experiment and see how quickly I can render the translations. Thank you for your patience, and I hope someone will find the information useful. Enjoy!

[Part 1] – [Part 2] – [Part 3]