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A denial so quick I think my head is still spinning!  So I made my third submission attempt with iStockphoto, and quickly received my third denial e-mail.  I submitted my photos a little after 10PM and got my denial notice by 10:20PM!  WOW!

The feedback was basically that all of the pics were too similar in composition.  And in iSp’s defense, they were all ‘tabletop’ type photos.  At least I didn’t get dinged on technical aspects, which is where I’ve been having some issues (focus, lens aberrations, etc.).  And all of the pics had good composition, but they were too similar in composition.  I also took a big risk in submitting a ‘pet photo,’ which is a huge ‘No-No,’ but I couldn’t resist, it was such a good photo!  At least I didn’t get the dreaded ‘too snap-shot’ line this time.

Now I have to wait 2-weeks before I can make another submission.  In a way that is a good thing, since I will be on vacation for a week visiting family up in Utah.  Unfortunately I won’t have time to visit any of the gorgeous State and Natl. Parks there, but I think I will still have some good photo ops there.

Here’s what I submitted to be denied in record time!

Acoma Pots
These are authentic Native American pots from Acoma Pueblo. I purchased these several years ago when visiting ‘Sky City.’

This is my cat, Persephone (Percy). I took this awhile ago, and never submitted it because of the ‘No Pets’ rule for iSp, but I’ve always really liked this photo, it really stands alone in my many hundreds of cat photos – I have three cats, so I take lots of pics of them.

Road Runner Kachina - Navajo
Finally, this is an authentic Navajo Kachina Roadrunner doll.  I bought this, along with several other Navajo kachinas, many years ago from an Indian market when I lived in Albuquerque, NM.

Oh well, off to Utah I go. Maybe I’ll figure this photo/microstock thing out eventually, but at this rate I’ll probably be retired from my “real-job” before I get accepted anywhere 😛

Hope y’all have a great Easter – Enjoy!

Since I’m new to this, I was pretty sure I was going to get denied again.  Mainly because I don’t shoot what they “need.”  What they need/want is people – people doing anything. Well, I generally don’t like people – that’s the whole reason my career path is IT.  I love helping people solve problems and I love teaching people new things, but I hate social situations and I despise “directing” or managing people.

So, as a photographer, I’ve always concentrated on landscape, architecture, gardens, and pets. Stuff that microstock houses are apparently overwhelmed with and don’t want.  They also don’t want artsy fartsy “fine art” shots, nor abstracts – two more of my favorite subjects.

Here are what I submitted for my second round to iStockphoto:

The above tree reminded me of a snake crawling up the building. The building is the CSN Library on the Charleston Blvd. campus in Las Vegas.

This is a cluster of quartz crystals sitting on a black onyx mirror.

And finally, another building on the CSN campus, I just kind of liked the whole color and rectilinear vibe going on here.

They’re all a bit abstract, which is probably why I was denied. Again.  Now the wait period is 7 days instead of 3, so I’ll have to figure out what else to try.  The feedback this time wasn’t as useful either – mainly too “snap-shot” and “not what we need, see our ‘need list.’ ”   Dunno about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen “snap-shots” like the above.  Oh well, on really looking them over, I can concede that they’re somewhat common compositions for photography students.

Guess I’ll try again in a week! 🙂  Hope your week is great! Happy Spring!


5 of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents misunderstandings which provoke problems in most sectors [of life]. It announces that with some effort, you can ameliorate [improve] the situation.

The Letter A
: Autonomy, Ambition, Mastery

Floral Arrangement: Yellow Carnation, Raspberry, Arum
Interpretation: Your current preoccupations are purely artistic and aesthetic. You have good reason to allow yourself to go where the climate is most favorable for you.

Large Subject: The centaur Chiron, killed by an arrow, is metamorphosed into the sky as Sagittarius.
Interpretation: You have a tendency to rest on your laurels. Laziness or a lack of ideas will make your chances pass you by. You have the possibility to pass on your knowledge, if you do what is required.

Bottom Right Subject: A young man walks with a weight in one hand and wings on the other.
Interpretation: You must fix yourself once and for all. Stop changing your mind ceaselessly. Additionally, you risk suffering significant barriers and obstacles on the emotional level. Finally stabilize yourself.

Bottom Left Subject: A hunter without game.
Interpretation: You are in a period of blockage where nothing makes you smile. Success was expected, but the time was not for you. Be patient and don’t look to force your destiny. In time, luck will smile on you.

Constellation: Dorado [Southern Hemisphere]
Interpretation: It represents some guidelines may change in the future.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Chiron, accidentally injured and dying, you must learn to protect yourself from your surroundings. Caution is therefore recommended in all domains. Be attentive and protect yourself well in this period of difficult trials.




6 of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a deception, a reversal of fortune. It announces that you will not be rewarded for your efforts, not to mention the delays in your affairs.

The Letter R
: Combativeness, Provocation, Impatience

Floral Arrangement: Poppy, Yew [Juniper], Cotha [no known translation – most likely a misspelling of Caltha; buttercup]
Interpretation: If you currently resent the need to distrust someone, if you doubt and cannot confide in your friend, follow your instincts.

Large Subject: The wooden horse enters the Scaean Gates of Troy, followed by warriors.
Interpretation: This card represents betrayal, deception. It puts forth the victory of a cunning ruse. Therefore, you’re at risk of being a victim of a conspiracy or a trick. Beware of well concealed conflicts.

Bottom Right Subject: Pyrrhus on horseback.
Interpretation: Don’t think all has been written. You can obtain many things you desire without it being simple fate. In any event, you are in a period of personal satisfaction.

Bottom Left Subject: Breseis kneels at the bedside of the deceased Patroclus.
Interpretation: You’re going through a quarrel or conflict that involves all of your energy. Know that nothing happening now is your fault. Unfortunately you are suffering the consequences of an error committed by others.

Constellation: Serpens [The Serpent]
Interpretation: It often represents deception.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Trojans who find themselves beaten by the warriors, you are also at risk of suffering a defeat, unless you manage to turn the situation to your advantage. In any case, be well on your guard and never cry victory before you have attained your goal.





Seven of Spades [Group: The Hermetic Science – Alchemy]

This card represents secret fears, doubts, and internal conflicts. Additionally, it represents depressing times and great sadness.

The Letter A
: Action, Creation, Unity

Floral Arrangement: Oats, Peony, Rose Cactus (“Bastard Rose” Pereskia grandifolia)
Interpretation: If you wish to pass something by Mr. Mayor for his approval, you can make everything official. For now you manage your future.

Large Subject: The alchemist introduces the raw materials into the philosopher’s lamp.
Interpretation: This card often represents a young, black boy. But additionally, it announces and represents a union, a happy marriage, whether personal or professional. All of your projects can be realized.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman talks with a worker.
Interpretation: There is someone in the shadows who secretly loves you. This person trusts you entirely and in the future. You have a tendency not to see those who have a certain fondness for you.

Bottom Left Subject: A young woman leaves her village.
Interpretation: You have a decision to make. You must take time to think, even if you believe you’ve found the right path. You have every chance to find yourself in a winning position.

Constellation: Cetus [The whale]
Interpretation: It brings the realization of hopes.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the alchemist who is rewarded after putting all of his hopes in one operation, you too can make wise decisions which will lead to true success. With a little patience, thought, and perseverance, success will come in the end.




Eight of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents obstacles, fractures, disputes and dilemmas. It brings difficult discussions where an impasse is predicted.

The Letter M
: Hardness, Stubbornness, Commitment

Floral Arrangement: Orchid, Candytuft, Safflower
Interpretation: You will rediscover your morale, your health problems will disappear completely. A positive field of vibration protects you.

[A note on taraspic/teraspic: Iberis sempervirens or Aurinia saxatilis Note: the French name Taraspic or Teraspic has a common name “Corbeille-d’argent”, which translates basket of (money, silver, gold) – anyways, it appears that the botanic name it is most often associated to is Iberis sempervirens, a silver leafed, white flowered plant known in the U.S. as candytuft]

Large Subject: Achilles drags the corpse of Hector in front of the walls of Troy.
Interpretation: This card declares war. Therefore, do not expect any kind of respite. This battle will be long and dreadful. Your opponents won’t do you any favors. Low blows will even be delivered in plain view.

Bottom Right Subject: The bones of Pelops
Interpretation: You will surmount fate and vanquish all obstacles presented before you. You’ll even be able to count on the aid of a woman who will be of great help to you.

Bottom Left Subject: Andromache near the tomb of her spouse.
Interpretation: You will learn some very bad news. You must remain calm because this situation is truly not good. The result of this news is mourning.

Constellation: Perseus
Interpretation: It recommends absolute distrust.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
This card is very negative, it is a warning against the wickedness and stupidity of people. But it is also a card of sadness and often foretells of death. Finally, it additionally warns you to beware of eventual health problems.

I’m still super busy, but I did find time to at least get started on the suit of Spades. I was hoping that I might get some down-time over Thanksgiving, but I doubt that will happen, since I will be travelling out of state to visit family and it looks like I’ll probably be helping one of my sisters move too. So much for a relaxing holiday at home – at least I enjoy visiting family, so I’ll still be having a good time. I just won’t be getting any work done on my many personal projects. And if I don’t post again for awhile (I sense a New Year’s Resolution coming on) I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is wonderful! Now, on with the translation! Oh, and as always anything in [ brackets ] is my own commentary/observation.

Ace of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents papers concerning contracts, legal documents, or transactions. It indicates legal problems playing out poorly.

The Letter T
: Confusion, Hypersensitivity, Emotional

Floral Arrangement: Sweet Peas
Interpretation: Being very nostalgic at the moment, you become very mushy and a bit romantic. Allow yourself to be guided by your emotions to reconnect with your roots.

Large Subject: Jupiter[Zeus], in the form of a bull, carries Europa [across the Black Sea].
Interpretation: This card represents night, much like the ten of spades. It encourages you, more than anything else to follow your fanciful impulses. Beware, however, the risk of slander, your image could be damaged.

Bottom Right Subject: A man alone sits at a table with a drink in hand.
Interpretation: You need to change your health habits or your way of life. Respect your body and take care not to fall into excess. Don’t look to follow the pace of others, instead stick to following your own [pace/rhythm].

Bottom Left Subject: A suspicious woman in her doorway.
Interpretation: Don’t waste neither your time nor your strength in a commitment that only risks bringing disagreements and harm to your profession. Before saying yes to any matter whatsoever, study it with great care.

Constellation: The Belltower/Steeple [No modern equivalent]
Interpretation: It announces a successful getaway.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Europa, seduced by the beauty of Jupiter[Zeus], you will be seduced by encounters, or unexpected and tempting propositions. If you can correctly protect yourself against minor problems, you can hope to benefit from some opportunities.

2 of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents opposition and separation. It announces changes after a period of pessimism. Hope still remains.

The Letter U
: Obstinance, Idealism, Utopia

Floral Arrangement Gooseberry & Houseleek [ Houseleek? I don’t see anything like a houseleek in that illustration? ]
Interpretation: There’s a strong chance that your circle of friends is growing, but be careful, sort well those persons who quickly offer their friendship.

Large Subject: The Greek Princes ready to avenge Menelaus, go to consult with Calchas.
Interpretation: You cannot settle your problems without the advise or council of a competent person. Moreover, do not seek to settle your affairs all alone, it would be a disaster.

Bottom Right Subject: A coat of arms
Interpretation: Significant conflicts are looming on the horizon, you will be obliged to defend yourself to stop them in time. You will be in a period where you will suffer hostilities breaking out against you.

Bottom Left Subject: The ashes of King Laomedon burn in an urn.
Interpretation: You must be extra careful in your friendships or professional relationships. Do not allow anything to happen that threatens good relations with your immediate surroundings. In time, things will return to normal.

Constellation: Castor
Interpretation: It brings a lucky omen.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Greeks who decided to consult with a prophet before acting, you can also seek a person to ask, either to guide you or to give you simple advice. This way, actions you take will always be at some distance from difficulty.

3 of Spades [Group: The Unseen]

This card represents a danger to your financial or emotional stability. It’s important for you to be wary of an intruder or newcomer in your relationships.

The Letter U
: Dedication & Comprehension

Floral Arrangement: Laurel, Boxwood, Papyrus
Interpretation: You truly need to slow down the pace, a one year sabbatical would be welcome. Therefore, give yourself a little time to rediscover sources of inspiration.

Large Subject: The three fates: Clotho, Lachesis, turn and measure the thread while Atropos prepares to cut it.
Interpretation: This card recommends caution in all areas; emotional, professional, and social. Health is also affected, and it should be closely monitored. This is a very bad time for material affairs.

Bottom Right Subject: Atropos cuts the thread.
Interpretation: You surely want to change everything now. In every way, a radical change is needed, a 180 degree about-face. This is the only way for you to find peace and quiet.

Bottom Left Subject: Lachesis measures the thread.
Interpretation: This subject symbolizes a long life. It is certain that life will be peaceful and tranquil for you. Nothing will disturb or bother you in your daily habits. Enjoy life!

Constellation: Canis Minor (The small dog)
Interpretation: It represents foresight in all forms.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the three fates who quietly weave the course of time, you must learn to accept life as it is. Enjoy the good times, but also learn to face difficult times. Accept the joys, the pains, the failures & success.

4 of Spades [Group: The Unseen]

This card represents an impasse, frustration affecting family life and professed love. The situation is blocked for now.

The Letter Q
: Impetuousness, Carelessness, Fearlessness

Floral Arrangement: Perennial & Annual Sunflowers [they don’t look like sunflowers to me]
Interpretation: Do not be taken advantage of through flattery. Instead look to strengthen your assets in the company of solid, sincere people.

Large Subject: Juno (Hera) disguised as an old woman, has just persuaded Semele to make Jupiter (Zeus) reveal himself to her.
Interpretation: Someone close to you will purposely lead you astray or give you bad advice. People are lying to you for their own interests or jealousy, be careful not to fall into their trap.

Bottom Right Subject: Jupiter, as lightning, falls on Semele while she sleeps.
Interpretation: You need to beware that the wickedness of some people does not descend upon yourself. As the saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Remain distant from all quarrels or disputes.

Bottom Left Subject: A child sets fire to a bale of straw.
Interpretation: You do not need to be jealous of others. Your behavior is pointless and overall it frankly lacks discretion. The way you’re acting will not bring you any good, so don’t go blaming your friends or family.

Constellation: Piscis Austrinus (The Southern Fish)
Interpretation: It announces a rival finally defeated.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Just like the jealousy that pushes Juno to give bad advice to Semele, you must beware of those around you. Even if their reasons are entirely honorable, some people might be taking advantage of you. For your part, remember not to fall into jealousy.

So me and the rest of my guildmates are getting pretty excited about GW2 (Guild Wars 2), and it’s going to be a reunion of sorts.  Many of the members have been split between various games recently; SWTOR, Rift, LOTRO, EVE, etc.  But GW2 looks like it will be bringing most of us back together – at least for the opening weeks.  I’m pretty much sold on a long-term GW2 adventure, with occasional forays back to my “mainstays” of EVE and LOTRO.

So far, I really like what I’ve seen in GW2.  In fact, all of the Beta Weekend Events (BWEs) were silky-smooth experiences for me, even with graphics turned up to the Max setting.  It wasn’t until the stress tests that things started going south for me, mainly in the graphics area (tears and disappearing landscape) – so hopefully those were just artifacts of the nature of the stress tests (crossing fingers).  As a guild, we’ve already switched servers once, and it looks like we may have to switch again over the opening weekend.  We all loathe waiting in queue times, so if our current server has unreasonable queues (20+ mins) we will definitely be moving.

As for me, I know my “mains” are going to be a Char Guardian and a Sylvan Mesmer.  If they ever bring the GW1 Ritualist into GW2, that will immediately become my main! My least favored classes were the Thief and the Ranger, which somewhat mirrors my least favored GW1 classes of Assassin and Ranger. Although I didn’t really like my Warrior in GW1 either.  My favorite GW1 classes were the Ritualist (by FAR), Necromancer, and Mesmer. I tried the Necro in GW2, but for some reason it just didn’t click with me.

Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to the release of GW2, and I even took some extra days off later in the week to make a extra-long Labor Day weekend – I hope the game is stabilized by that weekend. We’ll see.  And maybe I’ll see some of you out in the wilds of Tyria – Enjoy!

So it’s been a week since Guild Wars 2’s second “Beta Weekend Event.”  I haven’t written about it because my observations didn’t really change much since the first BWE.  The only things I didn’t like were the changes to the trait system (where you used to be able to pick any trait you could afford, but now had to follow the oh so common & artificial tree structure).  And that my server became a heavily populated one, to the point that several of my friends could not join me on the “Crystal Desert.”

The only reason I picked that server to begin with was to help another friend of mine remember which server I picked because all of his GW1 characters have “desert” somewhere in their name.  AND I actually HATED the Crystal Desert region in GW1 and I didn’t think very many people would pick that server because it was such a crappy part of GW1.  Oh well, there goes reason screwing the pooch again, LOL.

So now me and some of my gaming friends are trying to decide if we’re going to drop Crystal Desert in favor of some other “low pop” server, or just stick it out hoping other people will drop instead.  The current trend is toward dropping CD and heading for greener pastures.  I hate doing it, but it seems I’ve always had to do this kind of “server tag” whenever a new game comes out – ever since the WoW days, when our DAoC guild moved over there. I think we changed servers at least three times, and the same can be said for nearly all of our experiences in other MMO’s – Notably in LOTRO, SWTOR, and Rift.

Anyways, GW2 still seems very polished to me.  I keep seeing trolls out there saying that they can’t imagine it’s even going to release this year – but frankly I’m just not seeing ANY of their issues.  I’d be happy with the game if it released this week.  It’s already more stable than LOTRO.

In other news, I dragged out my Alesis QS8.2 synthesizer for the first time in over five years(!).  I’m definitely going through some kind of “mid-life crisis” thing where I really want to be more creative.  First there was the Nikon D7000 camera to bring me back into my photography hobby and now pulling out the keyboard to reconnect with my music passion.  Actually, I guess when I bought those three(!) saxophones (Alto, Tenor, and C) earlier this year, I kicked off this whole creativity kick.

What I really brought out the old QS8 for was so that I could connect it to my “new” (used) Yamaha WX5 wind controller. I had to get the WX5 because practicing a real Sax in an apartment situation really pisses off the neighbors, and with the WX, I can hook it up to the QS via MIDI, throw on some headphones and practice in near silence.  The WX arrived yesterday afternoon, and after throwing some batteries in it and hooking everything up, so far, so good.  The only thing I don’t like about it are some of the same complaints that players have had with it ever since it came out.  Mainly the octave keys are way too easy to press accidentally or incorrectly, and same with the sustain button. But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

As for what music I will learn with, I’ve already got a bunch of “fake books” that I bought when I got my saxophones earlier this year, and I also downloaded some medieval and renaissance music (the Carmina Burana & Codex Verus + some others), because I’d like to learn some of In Extremo’s piping music to play on my Saxes/WX, and a lot of their music comes from those sources.

I hope things are going well for you, and have a Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy!

In a word, impressive!  Over the course of the first “open beta weekend” event, I was able to level up five characters to level 10 (and beyond in some cases).  Opening day (Friday) was a bit hairy – much lag was had by all, and it often killed many, many players who watched helplessly as their key mashing did nothing while mobs killed them off.  But by Saturday there was a patch and all seemed much better.  There were still lag spikes here and there (esp. for those with not-so-up-to-date processors).

Those w/o the latest & greatest processors were at a severe disadvantage because at this stage in the game, there hasn’t been any graphics card optimization, so those awesome video cards you might have were often sitting idle while the main CPU was churning away (and heating up to scary temps!).   Hopefully by the next event they will have done some GPU optimization.

Overall, I was really pleased with the game and didn’t take note of anything that might be a game breaker – EXCEPT (there’s always an exception), the difficulty for many (read; almost ALL) of the instanced “story quests” were FAR too difficult.  Often it was all I could do to kill off a single mob before dying, running back to kill one more and die again, rinse/repeat until done. Not fun. These instances seem to still be scaled as if back in GW1 where you could have up to seven heroes assisting you. In fact, I was only able to complete one of the story quests due to a terrain exploit where the main boss mob got caught behind a door where I could target it and it could not target me. I had earlier “rage quit” that instance only to try it out later, and was oh-so-happy for the exploit!  (I did report the problem, though, so don’t expect mobs to get caught on graphics by release day).

The classes I levelled up were: Ranger, Mesmer, Guardian, Engineer, and Necromancer.  I found the Mesmer and Guardian to be my favorites – which is kind of unusual as my “normal” favorite classes are the “pet classes” (Ranger and Necro in this game).  I didn’t dislike the others, but I loved the animations for the Guardian and the “follow-up” mechanics for the Mesmer were an interesting turn on button mashing.

I also liked the “Fight for your life!” mini-game, although it’s really only useful if your opponent is also very close to death and hasn’t brought any friends to the party.  A buddy of mine, however, absolutely hated this mechanic and hopes it’s removed from the final game – I don’t think he ever really got the hang of how it works. In close fights, I almost always won my “Fight for your life” modes – often even if another “add” had joined the fray.

Besides the over-the-top difficulty of the story quests, the only other thing that drew attention to the fact that this was a “beta” event were the unfinished dialogue/cut-scenes where not all of the voice acting had been completed (and there were even “under construction” labels stamped on these).  And the fact that you couldn’t play all races, nor travel to all areas of the map – but all of that stuff is super easy to fix.  I didn’t notice any graphics tearing or broken mechanics, it seems very polished to me.

I’m definitely looking forward to release. I’m just hoping it’s released well enough behind Diablo III for me to get that fix before moving into GW2, ‘cuz I’m sure I will be spending a lot of time in both of those game worlds.   Until next time, keep your WASD & Mouse hands loose! Enjoy!

All the way from Moscow, no less!  I actually had a total of four decks arrive today – like I said in my last post, I’m a hopeless collector!  But the really cool deck was the one from Russia!  It’s called the Kabbalistic Tarot, and I’ve seen images of it before, and just had to have it.  It’s very complex, and has many symbols and words in the margins.  I just may have to learn Russian/Cyrillic:

Again, the poker sized joker and a quarter have been included to show the relative size.  This is another LARGE deck!  It’s finished with a glossy finish, so the cards are kind of slip-sliding slick, but I like it.  I don’t think this would be a great deck for readings, but it looks like it would be amazing for meditations and deep contemplation.  The really odd thing about it, however, is the placement of the “Fool” card.  Most decks place him at the beginning or the end of the Major Arcana, in this deck he is numbered “21” between “Judgement” at 20, and “The World/Universe” at 22.  Very strange, indeed.

Besides the amazing GOM Kabbalistic Tarot, the other three decks that came today were:

  • The Halloween Tarot in a cool tin box  – it’s also one of the smaller decks I have where the cards are much closer to the size of a standard poker deck.
  • The Lo Scarabeo Tarot, which is an interesting “mash-up” of Marseilles, Waite-Smith, and Crowley’s Thoth decks.
  • The Llwewllyn Tarot, a deeply Arthurian/British-Celtic/Welsh deck.

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting weekend getting to know a few more decks in my collection.  I hope your weekend is shaping up to be amazing – Enjoy!

I’m a collector.  My parents were collectors too, so I blame them 🙂  Both my Mom and Dad collected various things; Stamps (both), Coins (Dad), Rocks (Dad), Bird Figurines (Mom), and a whole bunch of other stuff – on the edge of “hoarder” magnitude, but far enough from the edge to be considered sane – hehe.

Me? I’m also a mass collector – I have many diverse collections; Kachinas, Tarot Cards, Books, Space Ship Models, etc.  Again, just this side of sanity 🙂   Currently, my book collection is by far the largest. Next would be my Tarot and other “Oracle” cards collection.  Lately, I’ve been following a very cool blog by another card collector; “My Curious Cabinet”  It made me want to do a similar thing here on my blog, although I’d still do my gaming and other misc. topic articles.  I’ve never been one to stick to just one thing for too long.

I’m definitely a jack of all trades, master of none.  For awhile there, (back in the late 80s & 90s) we were called “Renaissance Men” until they found out that we weren’t “masters” of everything… Anyways, my collections also match this “a touch of everything” mindset.

My latest addition to the card collection is an enigmatic deck called “The Grand Lenormand” (aka the “Astro Mythological by Mlle. Lenormand”).  It has very large cards, not quite as big as Crowley’s Thoth deck, but close!  Here’s a few cards with a standard poker sized Joker:

Grand Lenormand sample

The LWB (Little White Book) is totally confusing on how one is supposed to “read” these cards, and how they’re to be laid, and the only “real book” that I could find on these is in French. Good thing my minor in college was French, the book arrives later this week. I have found some web pages that describe some of the techniques, but no one seems to know the significance, if any, of the constellations/stars that crown most (all?) of the cards.  All of the other little pics I’ve found at least some helpful info on – but the star fields are a jumbled mess of a mystery. The “lines” don’t even match the actual constellations, when I’ve been able to recognize them (I was an amateur astro-photographer “back in the day”) .

Oh well, it’s still an interesting deck, and all the unknowns about it make it that much more appealing to me.  I hope all is going well in your world – have a great first week of February – Enjoy!