I think I envision this blog to be a world of musings.  Probably nothing earth shattering or even relevant to most people.  But hopefully it might be entertaining enough or interesting enough to give some folks a nice diversion without feeling cheated for their time spent here.  I’d expect the subject matter to be quite wide since my interests and hobbies are similarly varied. 

Likely topics could include computer gaming, photography, philosophy, gardening, gay interest, or music. You might even find topics relating to the title of the blog, occult interests.  I don’t personally believe in any mystical systems, but I do find them fascinating.  I’ve studied them with an eye to find out just why these systems are so alluring to others; to the point that people will give up rationality and literally shed blood for their mythology.

That’s enough to chew on for now.  Eventually I may edit this page to include more trivia about myself.  Enjoy!

Pronunciation Notes (I added this ‘cuz Darren from Shut-Up, We’re Talking totally mangled my alias and blog name, LOL)

Lemegeton:  sounds like leh-muh-JET-on

Marchosias: sounds like mar-KOH-see-us

At least that’s how I say them, hehe.  The names come from an old Grimoire also known as the “Lesser Keys of Solomon.”

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