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This is a continuation of my (rough) translation of a French book concerning the Astro Mythological Lenormand, AKA “Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand.” I’m posting this directly from MS Word, so it may not look terribly pretty, but hopefully it’s at least functional. Once the project is complete (in the far distant future, lol), I hope to post it as a singular PDF file. This posting covers the Ace-Four of Clubs.

Interpretation of the cards:

Ace – 4 of Clubs

Ace of Clubs [group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents the chance of success, both personal and professional. For more precision, the neighboring cards will give some details.

The Letter C
Represents: Expression, Ingenuity, Liveliness

Floral Arrangement: Tremella (Fairy Butter?), Daisy, Blue Bells
Interpretation: Now is the time for creative self expression through painting, music, writing, etc. In a word, make yourself a work of art.

Large Subject: Jason in the forest, fighting his last battle for the Golden Fleece.
Interpretation: Success after having to fight a little. You have all the cards to play it your way. Triumph and success are assured on all endeavors/tests.

Bottom Right Subject: Jason and Medea are walking in a reception.
Interpretation: Your well-being and serenity are disturbed by the arrival of news that may upset your projects. Keep calm, things will sort out without great inconvenience.

Bottom Left Subject: Jason and Medea going away on a boat.
Interpretation: You feel the need to take some vacation and to relax for awhile. You can finally go on a trip and enjoy your free time renewing ties to certain people you may have lost sight of.

Constellation: Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer)
Interpretation: Success in all domains.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Great success in all domains. Get away from negative people during the necessary time to complete all of your projects. You will find a way, like Jason, to fight and overcome difficulties and emerge victorious in all situations.

2 of Clubs [Group: The Unforseen]
This card represents the dangers in associations. It recommends prudence in collaborations for the time being.

The Letter J
Represents: Creativity, Intelligence, Loyalty

Floral Arrangement: Wheat, Statice, Ash
Interpretation: You will be empowered to change your interior, whether in your home, or your behavior.

Large Subject: Goddesses basking on the banks of a river with small pots of gold, also called Jackpots.
Interpretation: These goddesses announce an inheritance, presents, a gift or even a completely unexpected win. Always a sign of happiness and tranquility in the coming weeks.

Bottom Right Subject: A bird in flight to land on top of a rock.
Interpretation: You must come to understand that you must make some effort to understand and indulge those around you. These efforts will bring you much satisfaction, dedication is always rewarded.

Bottom Left Subject: A bird resting on top of a rock.
Interpretation: Here you are finally free from material concerns, troubles, torments, or worries. The door is now wide open for financial transactions or investments without fear.

Constellation: Aquila (The Eagle)
Interpretation: A very satisfactory elevation.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
This glittering river truly symbolizes happiness for you and yours. Luck and opportunities of all kinds will be there for your enjoyment. Often, meeting a determined person that will bring you success.

3 of Clubs [Group: The Hermetic Science]
This card represents material rewards and financial stability. It contributes to the expansion of business affairs and the success of negotiations.

The Letter V
Represents: Mastery, Inspiration, Construction

Floral Arrangement
White Lilac, Willow, & Cockle [most likely Cow Cockle/Soapwort – saponaria vaccaria ]
Interpretation: Creative & inspired, all aesthetic concerns are particularly beneficial for you now. An ideal period for artistic inclinations.

Large Subject: The alchemical matter begins to dissolve. Kneeling down, the alchemist observes the change. 
Interpretation: Like the alchemist, you will always be rewarded for your efforts and your patience. After a period in darkness, you finally find yourself in the light. Here is a great promise of joy, union and happiness.

Bottom Right Subject: Martea, goddess of heirs [inheritance], receives a visit from a man.
Interpretation: You can obtain an inheritance or a very important job change and especially advantageous. Caution that you do not fall into greedy behavior or profit & success at any price.

Bottom Left Subject: The three providers, daughters of the priest Anuis.
Interpretation: You are at this time in an extremely positive cycle, both materially and emotionally. Enjoy this auspicious time to consolidate or create your savings. If you’re having some health issues, everything will be OK. [ literal translation: all will be returned to order ]

Constellation: Hydra
Interpretation: Inspiration from meetings [visits, social gatherings, appointments].

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like the alchemist, if you remain calm and attentive, you will be rewarded for your patience. A very beneficial change awaits you in a short time, thanks to an important meeting. There’s a happy and quite unexpected turn of events presented to you.

4 of Clubs [Group: The Hermetic Science]
This card represents the loss of money or objects of all kinds. It recommends caution in business, because your balance will be hard to hold.

The Letter B
Represents: Sensitivity, Reservation, and Emotion.

Floral Arrangement: Gillyflower [which can be stocks, wallflowers, or almost any fragrant flower], and Cacao.
Interpretation: Although your love for your companion is not returned in the same fashion, be patient. Time will offer a reason.

Large Subject: The alchemist observes with great interest the dissolving matter.
Interpretation: You are so totally enamored that your passion has made you lose touch with reality. For a male consultant this card represents a sincere [true] love. For a female consultant, a mad passion that risks being a flash in the pan.

Bottom Right Subject: A grisette is visited by a gentleman.
[Via Google, a grisette is a young working woman, individualistic, artistic, usually poor to very modest means, sometimes refers to part-time prostitutes (?), often a bohemian]
Interpretation: Your feelings are unreasonable and exaggerated. You find yourself in completely false reality, and this puts you in a weak position. Be objective, you cannot impose [force] fidelity.

Bottom Left Subject: Sitting at a table, a young woman writes.
Interpretation: You work to consolidate [strengthen] your renown [reputation]. Writing or speech [communication] remains a strong asset that you should continue to develop. Once again, success will be obtained thanks to your efforts.

Constellation: Cerberus [3-headed guard-dog of Hell]
Interpretation: A recommendation to withhold your friendship.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Excess often provokes negative effects. You have to know to appreciate the pleasures of your new successes and the rewards from your work, without changing your behavior by becoming too proud. Do not allow yourself to be influence by greed. [Literally: Do not free yourself to be influenced by the appetite for gain.]

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