Somewhere in all the updating and supposed upgrading WordPress has been doing over the course of who knows how long, my avatar was moved over to Gravitar.  And now when I comment on someone’s blog, even if it’s another WP blog, instead of linking back here to my blog, it just links to my icon over on – ANNOYING!

Also, when you used to update profile info on WP, it was retro-active to any comments you had made before.  However, in trying to fix this stupid issue, I found out that that is no longer the case, and if I want to test if the “fix” is working, I have to go leave new comments somewhere and then test if the link-back is working.  And of course it doesn’t really say anywhere that the links you’re adding to your profile are actually going to be used as a link with your avatar.  UGH!

Sometimes I think WP, FB, and Google are all just trying to kill everyone by annoying them to death through their “improvements”  UGH!