Being a pet kinda player, of course two of my favorite builds incorporate pets as the main benefit.  I’m still trying to figure out a good Beast Master build though – it’s the only pet based soul that I still haven’t warmed up to. 

My “main” is a Necro Mage with the following souls:

  1. Necromancer (and I dump almost all of my points in here, mainly to increase pet health and damage)
  2. Warlock (mainly for the life-tap/heal over time and power tap)
  3. Dominator (I only put 3 points in transmogrify)

And then come the alts, many of them.  However my favorites have been a Rogue (Ranger, Marksman, Bard) and a non-pet battle Cleric (Shaman, Warden, Druid). Anyways, just thought I’d pop by for a mini-report on Rift classes and what I’ve tried and liked so far.  Now back to your regularly scheduled surfing. Enjoy!