I don’t have a lot of new news to report.  I’m still looking for “a real job,” while I’m otherwise occupied trying to keep my IT skills in shape by updating my own websites, learning how to better use Flash & ActionScript, learning Blender and animation skills, etc.  I haven’t been doing much gaming at all, mainly just using Oblivion to test out my “Blender Blunders.”   I’ve also been working a bit more on my photography and writing, mainly by doing a “Picture A Day” project on my Facebook page and by working on my novel once in awhile.  I’ve also been doing some work with the old family photos, and a local historian that is writing a book on the area has requested several of the older photos for inclusion in the book. 

Blender is really what’s taking up most of my time right now.  I’m hoping that I will eventually come up with a straightforward way of creating new races in Oblivion.  Currently there are a few tutorials out there, but they’re way too technical for most folks to even begin to comprehend.  Hopefully I’ll work out something a bit simpler and realistically do-able.  The hardest part is on highly specialized races, ones that have snouts or large horns/ears poking out of their heads.  The built-in system that Oblivion uses really isn’t meant for heads that deviate much from the human form.  But I think I may have found a few work arounds, I just need to get in there and test them enough to get reproducible results.

In other news… Hmmm, I guess there isn’t any other news.  I hope all is going well with you and yours, and that the upcoming Super Bowl weekend provides some fun, even if you’re not going to watch the “Big Game.” Enjoy!