I saw this over on Yahoo today (What Not To Buy…), and since it didn’t really offer any solutions, I thought I would present my own.  I can’t speak for Mom’s or 40ish women so much, so I’m not even going to try that, but since I’m nearing my 45th birthday, I figured I could help out with the Dad type gifts. These are not in any particular order, just what popped into my head while writing.

Gift Certificates – especially to Amazon.com, Home Depot,  Best Buy, or even a favorite “nice” restaurant (ie – Not Micky-D’s), so I can treat someone to a nice dinner & wine, or at least reduce a bit of the “wallet sting.”  I shop Amazon ALL the time because they have a lot of stuff I like: music, books, electronics, software, etc.  Most folks in their 40’s are not techno-dunces and readily shop online. People that are our parents (folks in their late 60’s on up) can be techno phobic, just FYI. 

 If you must get clothes… Get me stuff that I’ll actually wear.  Comfort is priority one, and functionality is right behind.  If it’s something that builds up a lot of static or attracts pet hair better than a vacuum cleaner – I’m not going to wear it.  Shirts must (MUST) have a shirt pocket or I will not wear them. If you’re going to get me slippers, they better be tough enough to go get the mail and paper at the end of the driveway (ie – they’d better have a substantial sole, so if I step on a pebble or a “goat-head” I don’t keel over in pain).  But honestly, I don’t like getting clothes that much, unless I really need them and have specifically asked for something. Ball caps are always good too – the good ones (real fabric, dark-colors, easy to adjust…) – on weekends I refer to them as my “Early Morning Hair Protection System.”

Tools – counter to what that previous article recommended, I love getting new tools, esp. garden tools. But that’s probably because I’m an avid gardener.  Anything that helps me get stuff done around the yard quicker so I can enjoy it longer from the patio.

Food treats – stuff like cinnamon honey, gourmet coffee, carmel corn, or other goodies you know we like but rarely buy/make on our own.

Portable MP3 players – this you may just want to get us a GC to Amazon tho’ since most guys I know are pretty particular about these types of personal electronics.

Accessories for gadgets we already have, like memory cards, USB sticks, external hard-drives, etc.

Hopefully this was a little bit helpful.  Now get out there and finish your shopping!