I decided to try my hand at taking a city (Tulga) last night to add to my collection of two castles (Distar and Asugan) to add to the Markovian Empire..  It was a battle between my army of 120 mainly Sarranid (Bedouin) troops against appx. 400 Khergit (Mongol) defenders.  It was a long, hard fought battle, but in the end the Markovians won!  Afterwards, there were several battles with the local warlords who hadn’t arrived in time to save their city, but were still bent on taking it back.  All were successfully repelled, and I even took a couple of the lords prisoner.

I haven’t decided which of my noble companions to grant the city to.  I don’t want them to squander their feif like Matheld did with Distar.  I’m thinking I will keep it for myself, and I’ll grant Asugan to one of them instead.  I’ll have to research what’s better – I currently have Asugan to myself, allowing me to garrison troops there for free, but at a city, even if I “own” it, I get charged a “rental fee” for garrisoning troops. So It may be better to grant the city to a noble, and keep my “free” garrison at Asugan.  We’ll see.

My next conquests will be the city of Ichamur and the castle of Tulbuk.  Once I have those two strategic locations, I will own all of the Eastern Khergit lands between the Sarrdak Desert of the Sarranids and the Great Taiga (Tundra) of the Vaegirs (Siberians). The Khergit are currently being hard pressed by myself, the Sarranids, and the Rhodoks (Turks), and the Vaegirs are being continually tested by the Nords (Vikings), and the Swadians (Celts/Normans/Franks – West Europeans).

All this is being accomplished with my “non-ideal” original character. So that’s a good sign that you don’t really have to “min/max” in order to be successful in this game (Mount & Blade: Warband).  Before I begin my next conquests, I will need to decide how to handle my fiefs, and I also need to recruit more soldiers for my army.  I also still need to find where Matheld is being held prisoner so I can bust her out. The longer she sits in prison, the more she resents me – so that’s not good.

I hope this Thanksgiving week finds you well and that you find some time between the good food and socializing to do whatever it is that brings you joy – Enjoy!