With money being tighter than normal, I’ve pretty much dropped (or soon will be dropping) all of my paid subscription games. So with that in mind I decided to get back into Guild Wars, and hopefully by the time the money situation turns around GW2 will be available. 

I’ve been working on “hero builds.”  In GW, you can train/equip up to three NPC “heroes” for your group, and the group can have up to eight participants – NPC or otherwise.  If you play a full NPC group, that group usually consists of yourself, three heroes, and four “pre-configured” NPC’s of your choosing.  And there are several heroes and “pre-configured” NPC’s to choose from.

Anyways, I’ve come up with four good hero builds so far.  They seem to be working quite well, but I’m sure they could be improved, since I’m still trying to reacquaint myself to the game.

Fire-Elementalist: (Base: 12 Fire Magic, 12 Energy Storage, + Runes) 

  1. Fire Attunement
  2. Incendiary Bonds
  3. Searing Flames (elite)
  4. Liquid Flame
  5. Glowing Gaze (opt. Phoenix)
  6. Breath of Fire
  7. Teinai’s Heat (opt. Inferno)
  8. Fireball (opt. Mark of Rodgort)

I purposely left out meteor shower because of it’s long cast time and power cost.  I’ve used it with heroes before, and they can’t seem to get the timing right with the long cast time – it usually hits way too late for it to be any good.  And I don’t want to have to micromanage my hero’s skill bar – I have a hard enough time managing my own! 😀   The (opt.) skills are if you’re running in an “all-ranged attack” group, you may need some point-blank-AoE for when the baddies run up to you.

Healing Monk (Base: 12 Healing Prayers, 12 Divine Favor, +Runes )

  1. Divine Spirit
  2. Orison of Healing
  3. Light of Deliverance (elite)
  4. Words of Comfort
  5. Heaven’s Delight
  6. Heal Party
  7. Signet of Devotion
  8. Resurrect

It’s a pretty straightforward build – all healing and no “touching.”  I hate when a healer goes running right into the mobs to heal some melee type – so “No” to the touch based healing skills.

Dervish (Base: 11 Scythe Mastery, 10 Earth Prayers, 10 Mysticism, + Runes)

  1. Aura of Thorns
  2. Dust Cloak
  3. Vital Boon
  4. Mystic Sandstorm
  5. Eremite’s Attack
  6. Victorious Sweep
  7. Mystic Sweep
  8. Chilling Victory

Before I played a dervish, I had no clue what I was doing and I hated my dervish heroes ‘cuz they always charged right into battle and almost immediately died.  After playing a dervish, I found them to be quite powerful and now my derv’s almost never die – in fact they almost never even need to be healed.  I don’t give NPC’s Avatars, since they rarely know when nor how to use them effectively.  I don’t have any other Dervish elite skills cap’d so I should probably look into that…

Necro – Minion Master (Base: 12 Death Magic, 10 Curses, 8 Soul Reaping)

  1. Animate Flesh Golem (elite)
  2. Animate Shambling Horror
  3. Animate Bone Fiend
  4. Death Nova
  5. Barbs
  6. Enfeeble
  7. Signet of Lost Souls
  8. Blood of the Master

This is a pretty standard “minion master” build, and the Hero seems to use it to good effect.  You just need to remember while running from place to place to stop once in awhile so he can cast “Blood of the Master” to keep his minions up.

That’s all I’ve got this time around.  I think somewhere in my collection of ‘toons and heroes I’ve got some other interesting Elementalist builds, a decent Ranger build, and some different Monk builds.  I don’t have a decent hero build for Assassins, Paragons, or Ritualists… Actually I don’t even have access to a Rit. Hero, is there one – another thing to look into I guess.

Anyways, I hope all is going well out in your world, and that the upcoming week is a great one for you – Enjoy!