I don’t usually discuss politics here, but a recent posting over at the CATO Institute really bothered me in that it basically recommended voting GOP in upcoming elections – and I have a real problem with that.  I have a real problem with Democrats as well, since I’m a Libertarian.  Anyways – here’s some political rambling:

The biggest problem with the GOP is they’re willingly chained to the bed of religious sycophants, and being repeatedly screwed by them. I used to be a Repub, but since the religious zealots took over the party, I can no longer stomach their tramping through everyone’s bedrooms and gardens.

If the GOP could unclench and remove their negative fixation on sex, drugs, and policing 3rd world countries, and return to their roots of supporting small business, individual rights, and limited government – I’d go back in a heartbeat.  But as long as the “religious wrong” controls the party, the GOP will never win me over. 

Libertarianism is gaining significant ground. Really they’re the only “honest man’s party” at the moment, as long as the religiously poisoned Tea Baggers don’t infiltrate and destroy the Libertarians as they did the GOP. 

Here’s how I see it: 

Voting GOP means you support [insert minority here – gay, hispanic, muslim, etc] bashing, ‘weed’ burning and incarceration, and installing favorable govts. in 3rd world countries – esp if they’re members of OPEC. You can enjoy private property and “liberty” if you’re a good ol’ christian boy – otherwise, to the mines! (or jails, death camps, whatever).  And they’ll know if “you’re good,” since they’re the ones that allowed all kinds of spying on citizens via the UN-Patriot Act.

Voting ‘Crat means you support govt. run everything (banks, car companies, airlines, hospitals, etc. – heck most of this is already a fait accompli), No personal privacy – largely thanks to the GOP’s UN-Patriot Act, No private property – including personal income. The govt. will take care of it, and if not, they’ll take care of you one way or another…hey, have you seen those death camps, I mean ‘rehab facilities’ the GOP built for us?

Voting Libertarian means you support individual rights, including gay marriage, abortion, and smoking in private establishments. The government is there to protect the U.S. and its citizens’ freedom – it is not a repository of the citizens wealth, and it’s not a world police agency.  Banks, car companies, and airlines should be part of a free-market economy – which does not support the notion of “too big to fail.”  Let them fail! It’s the only way to get rid of the dead or dying wood!