But of course I’m still behind.  I’m not getting nearly as much stuff done over the weekends as I would like to concerning the move prep.  This time I started running low on boxes, so instead I just tried to bring a little organization to the move by relocating already packed boxes and emptied bookcases so they will (hopefully) be easier to move when the time comes.  I also unearthed a bunch of crap that I’m just going to throw out – WOW there was A LOT of that kind of junk.  Really old computers/cables/printers etc.  So I’ve got that all piled up ready to drop off at the nearest electronics recycler (Probably Best Buy?).  

Today I scored a bunch of boxes from work, so that should help move things along.  They’re kind of BIG boxes, though, so I’ll probably be using them as dish-packs or anything made of fabric (clothes, bedding, towels, etc.).  I think the kitchen is going to be the next BIG project, and it will probably take me at least into next week sometime before I get that done.  Then I’ll move into the bedroom or the computer room… Not sure which one will take priority yet, but we’ll  cross that bridge when the time comes.

I’m just hoping I actually have most (all) of the packing done by the time I get the U-Haul, I’d hate to have to be packing and loading at the same time – blech!  Needless to say, I haven’t been doing any gaming of note lately, but hopefully by this time next month I’ll be at least getting things set up and settled a bit at my new location. I hope all is going amazing in your neck of the woods – Enjoy!