… and I’m way behind on my packing plan.  So hopefully I will be able to make up some time this weekend and get a lot more stuff packed up than I did last weekend.  I’m still trying to figure out some logistics, so I don’t pack up stuff I actually need, and I’d also like to figure out a way to segregate the stuff I’d like access to once I arrive, since most of my stuff will be going into storage – so I’d like it organized by “short term” and “long term” storage.  I think most of what little furniture I have will be deemed “long term,” but a lot of my books (reference works nice to have for my work) would need to be “short term.”  Hopefully I can keep things that well organized through the move – doubtful, but I’d at least like to try…

As for the “farm” adventure, I’ve been doing more research into the various in’s and out’s and I still think it’s a very doable idea – the biggest hurdle I’m running into is my own second-guessing about what I should try to grow and market.  I probably won’t get a real good feel for that side of the business until I actually relocate and see what kind of demand for various plants there might be at the location.  Plus, I’d kind of like to see if I can’t get at least some kind of seasonal or part-time work at one of the local nurseries just to get some real “hands on” experience.  There’s only three or four in the whole county though, and I think they’re all “family affairs,” so I may not get any work in that field at all.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for gaming, I haven’t been doing much, which is a good thing.  My PC got a nasty virus this week – a “rootkit” style virus, so I deemed that an omen to upgrade my desktop from Vista to Win7.  I already had Win7 on my laptop, and have really liked it a lot.  The upgrade went very smooth, and now I have a nice shiny Win7 desktop gaming system.  But I probably won’t be doing much gaming for awhile until things settle down somewhat.

I hope your weekend is looking bright, and don’t forget to enjoy the Spring flowers (if they’re blooming in your neck of the woods) – Enjoy!