Packing up in preparation to move – again – has once again shown me how many books I have.  I could practically open up my own library!  And maybe someday I will have a house where I can actually have a study/library.  That would be a dream come true, to be honest.

Most of my books fall into just a few categories (biggest collections first):

  • Philosophy
  • Technical reference: System Admin/Web Admin/Programming
  • Writing reference
  • Gardening reference
  • Egypt
  • Game Theory
  • Business Management
  • Literature

I’ve boxed up about three bookcases full so far and have about a bookcase and a half left to do – mainly philosophy and gardening books, plus a few odd-n-ends that round out my collection consisting mainly of field guides (minerals, birds, stars, etc), aquarium keeping, and other hobbies. Once I get the books done, I’ll probably move on to CD’s and DVD’s.  And then the “real” packing begins with all the stuff than needs to be wrapped with paper and somewhat carefully packed.  The breakables – ugh.

I hope your weekend was great and that the work-week progresses smoothly for you – Enjoy!