With the impeding move to yet another state (from AZ to UT), I’m getting both excited and stressed out about getting everything done in time for the move (at the end of April). So in the mean time, I may not be posting here very regularly until sometime in May when things have (hopefully) settled down again.

As far as gaming goes, I (finally) ditched my EVE Online accounts for now, so the only active sub. I’ve got going is for Warhammer – and I’ll probably be chopping that at the end of the month and won’t be re-sub’ing to anything until after I’ve settled into some kind of “real work” again.

On the job front, nothing has been coming through, so I’m still looking around for gainful employment – anybody need a: (list of past positions)

  • Systems Librarian (Systems Analyst WinServ 2k3/2k8)
  • Web Administrator/Developer (apache, WAMP)
  • Software Engineer & QA/Test (Intel proprietary SW)
  • DBA – Data Modeller (MySQL/Oracle)
  • ‘net Cafe Owner/Operator
  • Computer and Software Operations Trainer (PC Basics/Internet, Office Suite, Adobe Suite)
  • Semiconductor Clean-Room/Fab Tech. (Litho, Etch, Diffusion)

So… Besides job hunting and getting ready to move, with very little side gaming in Warhammer, not much else is going on.  I hope things in your world are a bit more relaxed and that this week finds you in a better place than last week. Enjoy!