It’s been a week of frustration in Warhammer this past week. I’m not sure what’s happened, but ever since the end of the “Night of Murder” special event, there have been more bugs cropping up than ever in Warhammer.  It’s almost like the first few weeks of release – very bad!  And it’s especially annoying since my first impression just a few short weeks ago was such a silky-smooth, non-buggy experience.  Their latest patches have really screwed the pooch, so to speak.

So what’s broken now that was working just a short while ago?

  1. Pet-bars are broken… again.  They disappear after: /reloadui, login/out, or zoning via flight-master.  This wan’t a problem last month.
  2. Unpredictable resurrection locations: dying in one zone, you may be resurrected in another bordering zone, or within the same zone, but not the nearest town/healer to your corpse. This was not a problem last month either.
  3. Big time lag or unresponsive command bars:  many times I’ve mashed a key, nothing happens, so mash it again, and again nothing, hit it a few more times and then BAM-BAM-BAM, they all go off at once an you’re drained of Action Points, not good. I didn’t really notice this last month, lag overall seems much worse than it was last month.
  4. Disappearing quests: Quests getting deleted from your list without any way to get them back.  I never did get that “Epic” quest back, even with CSR appeals – never heard back from them all weekend.  I’m not sure if this is new, but no quests had presented problems for me, until last week…
  5. Hit & Miss Bonuses when a tier “Locks;”  Actually it’s always a “miss” if you happen to be in Norsca when T1 “locks” or “flips” – you’ll get the notification, but you don’t get any bonus points for being in the Tier.  You need to be in Nordland to get the bonus. This is unlike any other pairing I know of, probably because they removed the Norsca objective from the pairing. But still if that’s the case, then don’t notify me of a flip that I’m not going to get a bonus from – it just pisses me off.  This might not be new either, but I just noticed it last night when I got the notification, but no bonuses.

Anyways – the annoyances are starting to pile up, and if it gets much worse, or more persistent I’ll probably drop WAR for awhile and head back to EVE. I’m starting to get that itch…  I hope your weekend was great and that the coming week presents you with pleasant opportunities – Enjoy!