Even me!  Argh!  Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been under the weather for about a week. I even went into the emergency room last Monday with chest pains, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart, so they attributed it to a combination of stress and asthma.  They did find that I had pretty high blood pressure though, so they gave me a new regimen to get that under control. 

Anyways, things seem to have settled down a bit in the health dept, although I’m still having fairly regular chest pains right over my heart – they did an ultrasound thing of my heart and right where they put the sounding device is exactly where the pain is. But all the tests came back without any indicators, so they sent me home – still not real comfy with that, but we’ll see how it goes I guess. 

In other gaming news… I have been playing Warhammer quite a bit and I’m still finding all of my old gripes are pretty much valid, along with some new ones that have cropped up. The new “bugs” are: rez’ing in towns much further away from where you died, and “pet-bars” inexplicably disappearing at the most inopportune times (usually right when you enter an RvR battle). 

 Twice this week I’ve had some really strange rez issues. First was when I was doing a Destro quest in Ostland, where you convert some initiates into mutants or some-such, right next to the destro town on the far Eastern edge of the Ostland map.  Did it rez me in that town, right next to where I died? NO! It rez’d me back to the town on the far Eastern edge, that’s not even in Ostland, it’s in Troll Country – WTF?!  The second time I was on another server with my Order guy doing some quest in Troll Country – I think the one where you kill some trolls for Slayer Sam – anyways, someone was doing the PQ there and I got nailed by the heroes when they popped up.  Did I get rez’d in the Order WarCamp right next to the trolls? NO!  I ended up in the order town down in the middle of Ostland!  Again, WTF?!

Then last night I noticed the funky pet-bar issue. I happened to be goofing around with my White Lion in T2.  And it seemed like every time I entered an RvR zone, my pet-bar would disappear – the lion’s face was still there, but no icons for any of the actions.  I’ve never noticed this happening with my other pet class, the Squig Herder, but I don’t think I’ve played him very heavily in RvR since the last set of patches.  I’ll probably check it out this weekend to see if it’s just a WL thing, or if it’s an across the board pet-class problem.  What I really think causes the issue is taking a flight master from one zone to another, but I just didn’t notice the missing action bar until I needed it in a fight.  So, I need to do some more testing – and then I’ll submit (another) bug appeal. 😛

The next big FUBAR was a multi-part quest that simply got deleted out of my quest log mid-way through.  I was almost ticked off enough to “rage-quit” right then and there! 😛 I was angry enough to submit an appeal, which of course I never heard back from.  It was the Order “Epic” quest, “The Emperor’s Mandate.”  I was doing the part where you cleanse the cesspools up in Norsca (Quest 10 of a 13 part quest.)  I had cleansed all of the cesspools and was running back through the zombie town and noticed the crates were still flashing, so I clicked one and got another pile of salt.  Thinking I don’t need that any more, I deleted it from my inventory and, BAM!  Quest deleted! WTF?!?!  I even went back to all of the original quest givers, and nope, none would talk to me, so now I can’t even re-do the quest!  So, needless to say, I’m pretty bent outta shape over that!

Other than the annoyance bugs, I’m still finding the game, overall, to be a fun distraction.  So far my highest level characters are 22 Squig Herder for Destro, and a 27 Engineer on my Order server.  They’re easily my two favorite classes so far.

I hope your week has been great and that the weekend will find you in great company, or at least great health! Enjoy!