I was finally able to use Mythic’s Character transfer utility to get my characters moved from my old, non-existant server over to Iron Rock.  I moved one over to Gorfang first, but that server was just way too Order overloaded to move my baby destro’s over to, so the rest went to Iron Rock, which seems to have a much better population balance.

My Witch Hunter finally got up to 20, and I bought him “Skewbald” mount (better known as a “Paint” or “Pinto”).  And now I’m working on getting my Archmage and Lion Hunter up to “Mount Level” as well.  Over in Destro, I’ve mainly been playing with my little Shaman (now level 13 and solidly out of the newbie zone), and trying to get my DoK up to “Mount Level” as well, that will probably happen later this week.

Other happenings over the weekend were mainly getting some reading done in two areas of interest; ancient Mesopotamia and Writing.  I finished one translation of the “Epic of Gilgamesh” and started another, more complete/later version. And I started a book about novel writing/editing/publishing logistics.  Now that my novel’s draft is about 70% complete, I wanted to start thinking about editing and revision with an eye towards publishing, so we’ll see how that goes.

I hope your weekend was a good one, and that the coming week treats you better than you thought it would – Enjoy!