I actually spent all of my gaming time this past President’s Day in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. And I must say that it’s been a mostly positive experience for the most part.  Although, I am starting to notice some of the things that drove me away last time.  They’re not huge flaws, but flaws that are still there after all this time.

One thing I will say though, is that most, if not all of the flaws from Tier 1 Empire are gone.  That experience is “silky smooth.”  Due in no small part, I’m sure, to the “Endless Trial” that Mythic/EA has going on in that region. So what are these “flaws” I speak of?  So far only one really stands out from the crowd and that is:

  • The Game Engine Cheats

And by “Cheats” I mean a few different things.  The biggest one is quest areas that cannot reasonably be completed at the level they’re offered, either due to “Champion” or “Hero” bosses blocking the way, or so many mobs surrounding the objective that you cannot reduce their numbers enough to reach the objective before they start re-spawning.  Another, that’s mainly just a huge “annoyance” is the impassable crevasses in Elf Lands (esp. Chrace/Shadowlands), forcing you to take extraordinarily long detours in order to reach your objectives.  Anywho, basically these Warhammer Annoyances are still “in play,” and haven’t really been fixed.  (I thought I had written about this before, LOL)

I’m still enjoying the game, flaws notwithstanding. Empire PvE seems to be the most polished, by far, and PvP seems to be much better balanced that it was at this time last year.   I had to re-roll my destro pool of characters due to server merges and conflicts with my old destro server – so that was kind of a bummer since most of my high level characters were of the Destruction persuasion. Anyways, I play Order on Badlands and Destruction on Volkmar.  If you’re still playing and wanna group up sometime, let me know.

I hope your Valentine’s and President’s days weekend was excellent and that the coming week is a smooth one – Enjoy!