I spent almost all of my gaming time last weekend in Warhammer Online – and it was great fun!  Unfortunately due to server mergers I wasn’t able to move my higher level characters over to an existing server – due to the fact that I already had characters there, so I’m not too sure what to do there.  I think there might be an option to move them to a different destination that the one they picked, but I’m not sure. 

So for the remainder of the week, I’ve been spending my game-time in Warhammer, and it’s been a lot of fun.  Of course, my characters are still pretty low level, so they’re still in the “fun tiers” that make up T1 and T2.  To be honest though, back on my old server where I played some T3 and T4, I didn’t find those tiers “not fun.”  It’ll be interesting to see what changes have been made in those areas. 

I found it interesting that new characters now all start in the same zone.  However, you can travel back to the old “newbie” zones and complete the quests there for faction and levelling goodness.   Just last night I took my new Chosen over to the Dark Elf lands to work on some faction building over there and to level up a bit more in preparation for the craziness that is Nordland open PvP.  It’s shaping up that this coming weekend I’ll probably be goofing around in Nordland and also over in T2 with my Squig Herder, who is quickly approaching “mount level” (He’ll get a dire wolf to ride at Level 20).

I hope your week has been great so far, and that as the weekend approaches, things will just get better! Enjoy!