Here it is February and I’m already a little bit behind.  So without further ado, here are the January stats and roll up.

Most popular:

  1. “Home Page” – I think WP has changed some kind of measurement, ‘cuz I don’t recall this ever being in my stats before… Anyways it garnered 233 Hits
  2. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 136
  3. ScreenShots with 86
  4. EVE 2009 with 65
  5. EVE Multibox Mining rounds out the “Top 5” with 63

January this year was significantly more busy than last year with 886 visits compared with only 353 last year.  Last year at this time I was very busy in EVE and not much else, as far as gaming goes.

As far as gaming goes this month, I was pretty busy and didn’t get a lot of quality time in on my gaming.  I did do some Dragon Age, and kept up my training queues in EVE.  I tried to get back into LOTRO for a couple of weeks before unsubscribing… Again…  And just over the last weekend I re-sub’d to WAR and have been loving it all over again.  I think it will be my “go to game” for February – we’ll see how long the affair lasts this time.

Back in January last year I made some informal predictions and plans for the year, let’s see how I did…

  1. No new MMO subs.  – TRUE, I didn’t try any new MMO’s in 2009 – not Aion, not whatever
  2. Progress on my own gaming universe; Templars of Ra. – TRUE, I used this year’s NaNoWriMo to work on my first novel set in this universe.
  3. Digitizing Photos and other “Family History” work – FALSE, I don’t think I did any work on this.
  4. Make some game Mods. FALSE, I didn’t even start on making any gaming mods.
  5. Total Redesign of my web-domains. TRUE & FALSE, I did install some new templates and started redesigning two of my three domains.  Hopefully I will find time to finish this work sometime in 2010.
  6. Move into a house. FALSE, no raises at work, in fact I’m trying to dodge layoffs, so this is on indefinite hold.
  7. Build a new gaming rig. FALSE, with the questionable job forecast, I can’t rationalize spending this kind of money right now, maybe later in 2010 if things start stabilizing.

I think that’s about all of them. So not a great record, but at least I got some things right 😀

I hope your first month of 2010 was amazing, and that Feb. shapes up into something grand for you as well! Enjoy!