So this weekend I downloaded (again) Anarchy Online.  I used to play AO quite a lot “way back when,” and with the perpetually “Coming Soon” graphics update, I thought I’d take another peek in and see how things were going.  I was esp. glad to see that I could sign up for Shadowlands for $5 a month, since I think the SL Newbie zone has a FAR better layout and design to (re)introduce players to the fairly complex gameplay that is AO.  The other very nice touch with AO (and I remember them doing this back when I first joined) is that after you’ve bee in-game for awhile, a mentor will show up and ask you if you have any questions or if you need help figuring things out. This mentor is an actual person, not just an NPC, so it’s a very nice and personal touch that makes AO stand out from the crowd.

Anyways, I’ve been playing an Engineer since I’m a pet-class freak 😀  My last stint in AO I played a Metaphysicist, so I wanted a little change of pace.  The early leveling seems to be going much faster than it used to – pretty much par for the course there, I believe all older MMO’s have made this kind of adjustment.  Now I’m trying to remember how to make implants and make sure the ones I do make I can actually use.  I accidentally bought a bot that was a couple levels above me, which wouldn’t be a problem if I had ‘toon fitted with the appropriate implants – oy! What a wonderfully complicated game!  I hope the graphics update is much closer to the “sooner” side of the spectrum than “later.”

Hope your week is going swimmingly, keep warm! and Enjoy!