I’m just finishing up the packing ahead of my 450mi trip up to my Mom’s house for the holidays. It will be fun to see her and my sisters, and I’m also getting her hooked up with a shiny new laptop and high-speed internet. So hopefully she will have a much better internet experience than she’s been having for the past few years on an old iMac and dial-up – Oy! 

We tried to do this last year, but she protested too much, so this time I just did it “on the sly” so to speak 😀  I hope she enjoys it, in spite of her protestations.  The high-speed is scheduled for “turn on” this Wed, so I’ll get that all configured, including wireless that night and she’ll be good to go on Christmas Morning.  I also unpacked the laptop, charged up the battery, did all of the MS Updates and installed MS Office, and re-packaged everything nice and pretty 🙂 hehe. 

As far as gaming goes, I haven’t had hardly any time to even peek in on anything.  I have been trying to keep up with my EVE training queues, but I’ve also missed a day here and there which is kind of annoying. Oh well.

Anyway, it should be a fun holiday and I hope you and yours will have an amazing and happy time! Travel safe, and as always – Enjoy!