Well, I guess that doesn’t really sound like the witch of the West or whatever… Oh well. I’ve decided to go ahead and re-up my LOTRO account, at least through the holidays since it’s one of the few games that I can actually play on my laptop while I’m visiting family.  EVE also works, but I hate playing it “single account” now that I’m so used to multi-boxing it.

Anyways, I think I’m going to buy into the whole Seige of Mirkwood expansion as well, even though I still haven’t even entered the Mines of Moria – OY!  But I do have a good friend that is already max’d in level and in crafting, so maybe I can get him to float me some awesome gear, and maybe even get me at least up to the “Friend” gates of Moria (if that’s even in the game?).

Otherwise, my EVE time is going quite well, and I’m making a killing in mining, two hours of steady mining (with two Hulks and an well equiped foreman in an Orca) is easily earning me between 35Mil-40Mil ISK.  That’s just from mining “junk belts” of Scordite, Veldspar, and the occasional Kernite.  Can’t complain there! 

Hope all your adventures are going well this week. Enjoy!