So I’m up to the last quarter or so of Dragon Age and I’ve decided to go on a bunch of side quests.  Up until this weekend I hadn’t done any of the side quests for the various “guilds” nor the NPC Party members, but that changed this weekend.  I’ve been on a steady diet of Mage, Mercenary, City Guard, and Rogue’s quests.  So that has been interesting.  What I’ve also noticed is a few things that I’ve missed on my Mage, I can’t seem to remedy.

My mage was the first character I created in Dragon Age, and I didn’t know a lot about the game, nor that some things would become unavailable to me after certain points of the game (like the backpacks from Ostagard, and the sword from Soldier’s Peak) – oh well. But I also haven’t had the “superman” encounter with the mage either. Which is really odd, considering he’s my highest level character, and a few of my (much) lower level characters have already had this seemingly random encounter.  And that’s kind of why I started all of those side quests, in hopes of triggering that encounter so I could have that under my belt before moving on in the game. If it doesn’t pop up this evening, I’ll probably get bored and just convene the landsmeet and start the final leg of the game.

Hope your weekend was great and that this week is short and sweet for those of you who get time off for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!