So I’ve got my mage and a rogue up to just before the final battle and now I’m ready to try something a little different.  So I re-rolled another rogue, this time a human female whose going to be a total bitch. I’ve modelled her after “Nellie” from the old TV show “Little House on the prairie.”  So far, it’s been pretty fun! She’s sassed her mom and dad, and even the grey warden.  She’s slept with the boy visiting from afar, and she’s one mean rogue!  She’s going to be a hussie, and she knows it.  She’ll probably have to run with Sten, Morrigan, and eventually Zevran, ‘cuz no else is going to put up with her evil ways.  We’ll see. 

Mainly I want to see what the end battle looks like with the werewolf and golem armies, and in order to do that, you kind of have to be an ass-hat, so what better way to do it than as “Nellie” from LHotP?  Plus, some of the dialogue has been classic so far! Very funny stuff, esp. from the mom and dad and then calling the visiting lady in the opening scenes a drunk, and then bedding her son – good stuff! I’ll try to remember to take a screenshot this evening. Hope your week is going great! Enjoy!