So I’m still having a lot of fun in Dragon Age.  I’ve moved back to my first character, an elf mage.  I’m really having a tough time diversifying my party make up, however.  The Morrigan, Alistair, and Wynne combo is simply “teh win” combo for almost every situation.  I think I’d really like to hear the banter with Leliana, Zevran, and Shale though, but I can’t seem to find a viable place for them in my party. And Sten is just boring so far – one or two-word monologues seem to be the rule with him.

I’ve also played a few scenarios differently than I did with my rogue (who is now ahead of my mage in the quest progression) with some startling results, usually for the worse.  I’ve accidentally killed a few NPC’s that I didn’t really mean to – oops!  But apparently I haven’t lost favor with any of the party members – at least I didn’t see any minus favor messages after the unintended deaths.

All things considered I’m really liking the game, and it’s really eating into any and all of my other leisure activities – so that’s always a good sign of a great game!  I think I’m a bit hesitant to use the other available party members since I’d lose so much swapping out my existing party members. Here’s how I see them:

  1. Wynne – Awesome Healer
  2. Alistair – great dialogue, and DPS Sponge (aka – Tank) if you keep his shield skills up and keep him in the best avail. armor.
  3. Morrigan – great dialogues and awesome DPS combined with pretty good crowd control
  4. (My Human Rogue) – pretty good DPS trained up in Dual Wield, Archery, poison, and chest opening
  5. (My Elf Mage) – well I kinda screwed up his template early by cross training in too many things, but now he’s back on track as a combined Arcane DPS Fire mage and DoT/Death mage.
  6. (My Dwarf Fighter) – my least favorite character so far. I mean, there’s already a great “Sword-N-Board” tank in Alistair and a 2-handed warrior in Sten.  I’m training him up in 2-handers ‘cuz Sten is boring to me and I can keep my “holy trinity” of Alistair, Morrigan, and Wynne.

The other potential party members that I have are:

  1. Zevran – an elf assassin, I’m guessing he would replace Morrigan or Alistair, ‘cuz I won’t give up my healer in Wynne for anybody
  2. Leliana – another rogue like Zevran
  3. Sten – a 2-hand weapon fighter, again I guess he would replace Morrigan for DPS, although she’s much better at it
  4. Shale – he has awesome dialogues from what I’ve heard, and he could probably tank nearly as well as Alistair, but then I miss out on A LOT of the back-story that Alistair contributes.  Alistair still hasn’t admitted all of his information to my mage – but my rogue is certainly “in the know” at this point.

Anyways, I’m probably about to get new party possibilities in the Elf and Dwarf areas as well, so maybe they will offer something more tempting than my current line up. We’ll see.  I hope all is going well for you – Enjoy!