With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, I’ll be spending some marathon time at the computer keyboard, rivaling my gaming sessions of the past.  And I started wondering what kind of goodies to have around to keep me going on with my mad typing skillz.  Here are some of my (mostly) keyboard safe snacks:

  • Cookies
  • Crackers (with cheese if avail)
  • Those pre-filled veggie trays you can get at the grocery store
  • Beer and/or soda (preferably in bottles – less tendency to get knocked over)
  • Coffee (in sturdy mugs, again less liable to be knocked over)
  • microwave burritos – the smaller ones, for easier handling
  • actually any microwavable “finger food” that doesn’t end up greasy (some taquitos & egg rolls, for example – tater tots or pizza bites etc. etc)
  • Sandwiches that are mostly dry – bread or bagel with ham and cheese or cream cheese, etc.
  • Low/Non buttered pop corn that’s not very salty either.
  • Pizza can work, but sometimes not – depends.

I tend to avoid anything that requires cutting or balancing food with utensils, it’s too easy to accidentally make a mess. I also try to avoid anything greasy or with powdery seasonings (fries, Doritos, Cheetos, donuts etc.).  That stuff just makes a mess.  How about you? What do you munch on when you’re gaming or otherwise engaged with your computer?