Ugh!  Had a hard drive crash late Friday night, so I spent most of the weekend rebuilding my system.  It wasn’t obvious that it was a HD failure either – the error after the BSOD implicated the video card, so I replaced that first, and no dice.  So I swapped in a “known good” HD from another PC and voila it booted up just fine.  So I went and got another HD and (finally) stepped up to Vista from XP Pro. Everything seems to be running OK so far. 

One lucky thing is that I was able to mount my old HD in a spare PC and recover almost all of the data, so it wasn’t the devastating crash that it could’ve been.  I have a couple backups, but they’re a month or so old, so it would’ve been not too fun to figure out what was missing.  Photos and music I’m better at backing up once a week or so, but writing and other projects I’m not so vigilant about. 

In other news, I did get my DDO Ranger up to level 5 and I’m currently working on getting my Pally from 4 to 5 as well. I’ve also got a level 4 Fighter and Cleric, and a new Monk and a new Rogue, both about midway through level 2 or so.  The Ranger is by far the easiest of the bunch to get through tough situations, with the Pally a close second. 

I hope your work week goes well, Enjoy!