It was a mostly uneventful weekend.  Did some chores, read a few things, played some DDO, and attended a tarot workshop.  In DDO, I did re-roll my cleric.  The one I had been using was one I had tried to build myself, and she didn’t seem to be working out too well.  So I derezed her and rolled one up using the prefigured “battle cleric” or some-such.  And this one is working out MUCH better for some reason.  I also goofed around for a bit on my Pally.  I’ve tested him with a few different weapon configs – dual wield, two-handed weapons, and sword-n-board, and sword-n-board definitely seems the way to go.  It seems to offer much more consistent damage output and mitigation than either of the other two combo’s.

In reading, I started a new book/workbook called “Book In A Month,” which promises to inspire me to write at least a full manuscript (albeit un-edited) within 30 days.  But in order to do this, I’m going to have to put my gaming on a serious back-burner, so I’m going to unsub from EVE and Warhammer for now, and maybe pick them back up around the New Year. We’ll see – I’m not sure I have that kind of will power, but you never know. 

I’m also participating in a fairly interesting tarot workshop/study-course that will probably last until well into 2010, so that’s also got a significant bit of my time for now.  But I think it will do me good to take a bit of a break from gaming and start up some other interests and hobbies that have been languishing over the past several years.

Anyways, I hope this week finds you well and doing things you … Enjoy!  😀