As I (slowly) advance in DDO, currently Level 4, I’m still enjoying the game quite a bit.  I was a little worried the first time I went into a dungeon solo that didn’t allow “solo” as one of the difficulty settings, starting instead on the “normal” setting.  But my dual-wielding Ranger didn’t really have any issues other than running out of arrows once in a while.  I’m very much looking forward to when she’s levelled enough to be an “Arcane Archer” so I don’t have to keep loading up on arrows.  Either that, or getting “Returning Arrows,” which apparently return to your quiver after dealing their damage – I wonder if they’re clean upon return?

I’ve completed all of the quests in the “entry zone” of Storm Reach, including soloing the dreaded “Kobold Assault,” where you need to kill 200 kobolds that continually stream into your position.  And I’m working on the rare encounters out in the Cerulean Hills. After that, I’ll start moving through the rest of Stormreach’s quarters. 

In other gaming news, I’ve only been logging into EVE to keep my training up to date.  I’ll probably revisit the game once the honeymoon is over with DDO. I venture that to be sometime around the beginning of October, we’ll see.

And in totally un-gaming related news, I started attending a local Tarot workshop over the weekend, and it was pretty interesting.  I found the group through and the organizer is a local reader and I believe she’s a social worker by profession – so it’s kind of mesh between the mystical and more Jungian archetypal views toward the cards.  Any ways, it was an interesting first meeting and I’m looking forward to future workshops where we’re planning on working our way through an excellent book on the subject: 78 Degrees of Wisdom.

I hope your week is shaping up well, Enjoy!