With the new “Free To Play” (F2P) release of Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) I thought I’d check it out last night, and actually it was a bit of fun.  It had been so long since I’d logged into the game though, that my old characters were gone.  Not that I ever played them for very long anyways, but it might’ve been nice not to have to trapse through the tutorials.  Although it was probably a good idea for me to go through them again to re-familiarize myself with the controls etc.  

 I’m just about to move out of the tutorial area and I’m enjoying the game so far, which isn’t really saying a lot, ‘cuz when I first played DDO, I enjoyed it until I got into the first “real” town/area of the game.  I’ll probably play through there and see how it goes – I also need to experiment with the hirelings, since that is a new mechanic since I was last in DDO.

In other news, I did get my new (and second) Hulk the other day and I’ve been taking it out with my original Hulk pilot and my Orca pilot.  I’m still working on training up to use Mining Laser Upgrade II’s, but I should have that by tomorrow.  Until then, I’m seeing some improvement to my mining speed, although it doesn’t seem to be as dramatic as I was expecting it to be. We’ll see. I’ve really only had time to mine through a couple of  full belts, so as I get used to the setup and a few more ‘roid belts under my belt, I’ll have a better idea of just how much better this configuration is from my old Hulk+Retriever+Orca setup.

I haven’t logged into Champions at all this week, and I don’t know that I will over the weekend, but maybe.  Another game out there in the back of my head is Warhammer.  I haven’t logged into WAR for quite a while either, so both WAR and CO may be up on the chopping block come the end of September.  We’ll see.   Especially if I decide I like the F2P version of DDO – then I’ll have two “free” diversions (including Guild Wars) to mess around in if I feel the need for “high fantasy” gaming.  

I hope your weekend is fun and a good time is had by all, Enjoy!