I had a nice gaming Labor Day.  I started the weekend out with some Champions Online, and I think I’ve scratched that itch as much as I care to for now.  Don’t get me wrong, it IS is good game, but I’ve never really glommed onto the super-hero meme.  I mean, my favorite super-hero when I was a kid was Dr. Strange, and he’s really more like a mage than a super-hero.  I’ll probably re-visit the game very irregularly, like I used to do with CoX, and I’ll probably drop CoX completely.

Saturday, a buddy of mine called up with a new Guild Wars build/mechanic for Ritualists, and that class being one of my favorites (just behind Necro), I had to go try it out.  First I had to go capture the elite skill that the build is based upon, and then we went on some map clearing crusades – so that was pretty fun.  Guild Wars is another one of those games that I revisit somewhat infrequently, about once a month or so.

The majority of the weekend was spent in EVE Online.  My second Hulk pilot is mere hours away (well, closer to a day away) from piloting a Hulk mining barge, so I went a bought his ship and outfitted it for him.  I also spent quite a bit of time trying to get sound working properly with EVE on one of my PC’s.  That took the better part of an afternoon deleting and installing various sound drivers/packages.  I finally found one that worked, and I’ll need to go find it again, since I don’t think I saved the installer file, just ran it immediately after the download.   I do know it was one of the older Sigma Tel drivers, I’ll try to find it later today and post a link if I actually find it.  And once I get the 2nd Hulk out for a spin, I’ll try to do an update about multibox mining…

Besides mining up a storm (at least 100Mil ISK worth), I goofed around with some frigate builds and started planning out some battle cruiser builds.  My frig fleet now consists of two Rifters and a Punisher, and they’re a blast to fly.  I think my battlecruiser fleet is going to end up being two Drakes and a Hurricane.  I thought of throwing a Harbinger into the mix, but that pilot is really better suited to a missile boat like the Drake.  We’ll see.

I hope y’all had a great weekend and that the coming week finds you successful! Enjoy!