I’ve tried several characters in  Champions Online, and none seem to be able to hold their own after level 11-13 or so.  So I’ll probably be spending most of my weekend back in EVE since I can pretty much do whatever I want in that game on my own without needing others to progress.  At least in CoX I got near level 20 or so before it was impossible to solo. 

Apparently folks were able to solo until the massive patch the other day, so much for that.  Unless I see a big patch again by tomorrow allowing folks to solo again, I’m sure I’ll be checking out the Renegade expansion in BattleForge and doing a ton more mining EVE.  I didn’t really have too many high hopes for CO, since it was made by the same non-solo friendly devs that produced CoX.  

I mean, I don’t think I died once before level 10, unless I really screwed up, and at level 11 – I’m lucky to survive even-con pulls, even when I do everything “correctly.”  Pretty crappy mechanics there Cryptic.  Hell, I even moved a level 12 guy over to the area he hadn’t played in yet (from the Desert SW to Canada), and he was almost killed by three level 6 mobs.  Dunno what the hell was going on there, but it sucked pretty bad.  I practically should’ve been able to just bat them with my wings and kill them, but nope…

Oh well – it’s still shaping up to be a nice long, game filled weekend, but it’s probably not going to be the new shiny game the wins my attention. I hope your weekend is successful by whatever measure you’re using. Enjoy!