As expected, I’ve been spending most of my game-time this week in Champions Online.  I’ve noticed a few changes since the “preview/open beta,” basically for the better.  It seems that MOBs are much easier to kill for the first 10 levels than the were just a couple of weeks ago, or maybe I’m just better prepared for them, or my current build is just way more leet than the ones I tried out back then.  But for the most part, the first 10 levels just scream by, and they’re a lot of fun.  The only problem this has presented me with so far, is I get a little cocky and start taking stuff on that I should just leave well enough alone.  Like “boss mobs” that are 2-3 levels bigger than me – not good. 

So far I’ve tried three of the pre-made power sets: Darkness, Dual Blades, and Munitions.  My Darkness character is my main, but I did goof a bit in his template, so it’s going to take me a few levels to fix things up.  Dual Blades is probably my least favorite, but it’s still a fun build if you’re a melee style player, which I’m not.  And munitions is pretty cool, and is probably headed for some serious nerf-age since it seems a bit over powered to me.  It’s going to be tough going back to my Darkness character after cake-walking my way through missions with my Munitions toon.

I expect what I’ll do “long term” (which for me is probably the next couple weeks or so, since I’m not yet sold on the whole super hero meme), is create a custom power set that is a mix of Darkness, Munitions, and Gadgeteering.  I really want the Dark power-building skill coupled with Munitions’ shotgun blast, and gadgeteering’s heal-bots.  I’ll have to see if that’s even tenable.  If so, I’m def. going to give it a try.

Hope you have some fun things planned for the long weekend ahead, be safe and Enjoy!