I’ll definitely be able to snag me one of these bad-boys by the weekend and then I’ll be able to put it through its paces.   I missed an awesome buy the other day though, I saw one for sale for less than $400M – I think it was around $390M or so, but of course it sold by the time I got that much ISK rounded up. 

Tuesday I was able to work my way up to that figure, and I’ve found a few awesome belts this evening, so I should be very close to the magic $450M tonight, and I’m quite sure I’ll have that much by the end of tomorrow’s mining stint. Hopefully once I get the Orca up and running along with my Hulk and Retriever pilots, I’ll be able to earn it’s weight in ISK before the weekend has expired.  We’ll see, but that’s the plan for now.

In other gaming news, I’ll definitely be picking up Champions Online when it’s released next week, so that will have a pretty direct impact on my EVE time.  A buddy from work is very excited to get in there and start up a super group, so it might actually be kind of fun to get in and goof around for awhile.

Not much else on the horizon for now – I was sorely disappointed that Blizzard doesn’t seem too keen on getting D3 out the door, too much Tom Foolery with their golden handcuffs known as WoW. Ugh.

Hope your weekend plans are shaping up nicely – Enjoy!