Cryptic couldn’t do worse than they did on Day 1, so things are much better today than they were yesterday.  I’m doing a dl of the client on a different PC today, and the patching process seems to be a bit more robust that yesterday.  It’s slow, very slow, but at least it’s not continually dropping, timing out, or just plain not working as was the case yesterday.

Hopefully I’ll actually get to spend some quality time “in game” this evening.  I’ll keep ya’ posted.

[a few hours later]

Well I played a bit more Champions, but it’s really not grabbing me like most new MMO’s do.  It just seems way too close to CoH and the world is just as fragmented as CoH was. I hated that in CoH. Guild Wars was the same way, and it just seems like a very primitive/cop-out way to handle load balancing.

So I ended up back in EVE for the evening – mining no less!  Pretty bad when mining in EVE trumps what should be the latest greatest MMO on offer  😛  Oh well, I am trying to get enough ISK together to buy my ORCA this week.  And I’m a bit behind on that goal, so it was kind of bothering me the whole time I was not really enjoying myself in CO.

Oh well, I wish Cryptic the best of luck, but I don’t think they’ll be getting my sub.  The kicker was that I eventually got up to where I could supposedly summon a wolf pet, but it would only summon under what appeared to be somewhat random circumstances.  Dunno if I was doing something wrong, or if it was a bug, but at the time I just couldn’t be bothered.

I’ll probably check in a few more times over the course of the pre-release promo, and maybe if things change drastically I’ll actually think about subscribing for a month or two…

[even later]

Well I went back into CO and created a character with a different power set and I’m much happier with this new character than my previous two.  She seems to be much better equipped to handle the multi-mob encounters than either of my previous characters.  My new character went with the Lightning powerset, prior to that I had tried supernatural and sorcery.  Still ran into a few bugs and annoyances like getting stuck in the level-up building and a TON of “kill stealing” for completing various quests where you have to “rescue somebody,” but another player ends up getting credit for the rescue, since they click on the NPC right when you finish off the last mob – BAD DESIGN.  If they’re going to play dirty pool like that, then everyone within a particular radius should get credit for completing the quest, not just the ninja.

All in all, I’m starting to at least get somewhere in the game, maybe this evening it’ll actually start to grow on me a bit.  We’ll see.