Just waiting around for my patches to download for the Champions Online “marketing ploy” … I mean “open beta.”  It’s having issues, which really is not unexpected, but – they should have allowed folks to pre-patch/download over the past week or so to help alleviate and discover these issues. 

Oh well, I’ve done what they’ve suggested to “work around” some of the issues, but it’s still acting odd.  It seems to consistently hang at ~20-21MB, even after attempting Cryptic’s “work around.”  😦  Hopefully it will work better this evening when I get home from work.  I won’t hold my breath for that though, as the demand will surely go up as folks get home from work/school etc, putting a much bigger drain on their systems, probably some downtime, and all those other “first day issues.”

Just hafta say: Day 1 of Champions Online “open beta” = Epic Fail  

 I don’t know ANYONE that actually got to play AT ALL today due to patching issues.  I think a few people on the forum actually got done patching, but they still couldn’t get “in game.”  Not a good sign, esp. at this stage of the process where this kind of “small stuff” should “just work.”  Even under stress test conditions – and “open beta” is a drop in the bucket compared to what opening day will look like.  I think some major gnashing of teeth, writhing, and forum brimstone is about to be unleashed 😛 

Hope your day is going better and that the rest of your week is great!