Just tried to post an entry with a bunch of pics in it, and man did it ever screw up my blog page!  LOL – oh well, I guess WP still has some kinks to work out!  We’re talking all of the menus and sidebars missing, images from the post missing, everything on the page centered, really odd line breaks between postings, strange bulleted list behavior, all kinds of craziness!

I noticed some weirdness the other day too where it was converting my quotes and some other special characters (like slashes in URL’s) to embedded HTML code, except it wasn’t embedded, it was actually publishing the percent sign, code, semicolon in the post and in the URL’s.  Very odd, and it broke the links, but seems to be fixed now. 

As for the pics entry, maybe I’ll get back to it later today – it took awhile to put together and after having to delete it because it screwed up the formatting of the entire blog, I’m not up to re-writing it just now.  Plus I may have to figure out a better way to embed the pics… hmmm.