I”m always on the lookout for a gadget that approximates “My Perfect Gadget.”  And the one that caught my eye this time was the Sony mylo. It’s the right form factor, but it’s still missing some major components.  And being Sony, it’s WAY overpriced.  Sony and Apple both seem to think their stuff is hot shit, well it ain’t – not until it gets a bit more functional – read expandable and non-proprietary.

What would almost make the mylo’s price acceptable would be:

  • Built in GPS
  • Cellular network connectivity (optional – don’t force people to buy a cell plan if they don’t want it)
  • SDHC instead of those dumb Memory sticks.
  • PSP compatibility & gaming
  • Make it a “real” PDA with the ability to load a Windows (XP/CE) or a Linux OS of some kind

If it even just had the PSP gaming and SDHC I’d probably snap one up, but it would be SO much better with a real OS of some kind…  OH well, my dream gadget is almost here, maybe by next year someone will really make it!

[ADDED Aug. 9, 2009]

OMG! This is almost IT! The Pandora– made by independents, of course!  Not limited by corporate bloat!  Starting to drool… It doesn’t look like it has GPS, nor PDA style apps, yet, but since it looks like it might be some kind of linux base, there’s some hope for the apps – mainly it’s a gaming machine though.  It does have USB 2.0, I wonder if I’d be able to tether my cell phone to it for data where WiFi isn’t avail? Hmmm.  Looks intriguing to say the least.

[ADDED Aug. 10, 2009]

And yet another very close contender. The “Wibrain.”  Looks interesting, but probably doesn’t game well.  I’d rather have some kind of merger between this unit and the Pandora box.  The orientation of the keys on the Wibrain is all wrong for gaming. It’d almost be better if the keys were in an inverse arrangement, with the d-pad like buttons above and the qwerty keys below – it’d be an easier migration from a Treo or Blackberry in that configuration, where you’re used to “thumbing” your text below or under the screen location. Also, on these small devices please spare us the awful touch pads and give us a proper track-ball pointer. AND – what’s with the “boxy” styling, can’t we get something more ergo-curvy?  Like a game controller? Helloooo?