…damnit.  And in High-Sec too!  Man, did I EVER screw up! LOL!  And here I was thinking High-Sec was SO safe, hehe.  Not so, young padiwan. Now listen, and learn. 

Ultimately, the thing that killed me was just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  And apparently it’s a well known EVE mechanic, that somehow over the course of several years of playing EVE, I’d never heard of.  Apparently, if you’re in a fleet and someone – ANYONE in the fleet has their “NUM LOCK” key turned on… no one else in the fleet can fire upon someone that has fired on the fleet. 

So there I was minding my mining business, when some one named Mullered2 shows up in my belt – people dropping in happens fairly often ‘cuz I’m in a busy mining area.  But instead of moving on, like most folks do, he flips my can. And so of course my defensive drones, which are always out-n-about start attacking him. BUT, he doesn’t turn red to either of my other fleet pilots. I was like, what?!?!  As soon as I targeted him with my command ship I got the Concord warning that I would be unjustly blasted from the sky by Concord if I did anything to the bastard ripping my Hulk appart. ARGH!  By that time it was mostly too late, I made a feeble effort to warp the Hulk out, but it was toast before the warp engines even got half-charged.  By that time the pirate’s buddy, Soporificstorm had arrived to get his share of the goodies out of my now wrecked Hulk.

OH well, I had the funds to replace it, but it’s going to make getting that Orca just that much harder since I’m now down about 200M ISK.  The rule to be learned here is, never – NEVER play EVE with your NUM Lock key turned on! God, that has GOT to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, but there you have it! At least that’s what I was told in chat. I haven’t been able to confirm this little gem through Google searches, but I can’t seem to find any other reason out there why other fleet-members should not be allowed to target players that are attacking other fleet members… I’d love someone to direct me to documentation about the where’s and why’s regarding this (bad) game mechanic?  Any takers?

OH, and if you see Mullered2 and/or Soporificstorm in your travels, feel free to send them a free gift – like a cruise missile or something just as warm and fuzzy 😛  No hard feelin’s.  Enjoy!