July was pretty much a month of the doldrums as far as gaming is concerned.  I skilled up some new stuff in EVE Online and peeked in on WAR a few times, played a few rounds of BattleForge, and that’s about it.  A friend of mine keeps trying to convince me to come back to LOTRO and another is wondering if I’d like to check out Conan again, and I’m not really interested in either of those.   A couple of new games are on the horizon, but I don’t think they’ve got approximate release dates yet, so who knows when they’ll really be ready: Jumpgate, and Champions.

Just the stats ma’am.

Top posts for July were:

  1. Gardening Bug with 242 hits (wow!)
  2. ScreenShots with 87 (I think someone is linking to these on one of the EVE boards)
  3. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 85 hits
  4. EVE Multibox Mining with 43
  5. EVE Mission Running with 28

Top Search Terms:

  1. wormwood (related to Gardening Bug, above)
  2. dwarf lilac (also from Gardening Bug)
  3. pineapple sage (again from GB)
  4. enochain tablets (from …making your own)
  5. lemegeton (… my blogs namesake)

Other Stats:

My July total was 856, which is down slightly from the 882 I had in June, I’m not sure I’ll make my year end target to double my hits over last year.  I’m slightly ahead of the mark now, but if things keep tapering off, I won’t make it.   My average per day for July was 28, over the 11/day I had last year.  Of course last year was bad due to the death of my dad and I really didn’t post much at all during the 2nd half of the month.

On that note – today I finished setting up a TV stand that my mom gave me on my visit last weekend. To test everything out after I got everything all hooked up, I threw in m Peter Gabriel DVD and this video came on.  It really struck home, but it’s a great vid.  Hope you can enjoy it as well – with your dad at your side…

I hope your August goes well, and that you can keep your cool! Enjoy!