I’ve been experimenting with a couple of non-spec (read “non-Gallente”) “drone boat” cruisers in EVE (the Amarr Arbitrator and the Minmatar Bellicose) along with my EWAR pilot (in a Caldari Blackbird). And it seems to be going quite well so far.  The first few forays were over even before my second bird got his drones out, and I’ve yet to have enough time to get the EWAR bird locked-on and jamming the “baddies.” So it seems to be working out quite well.  I’m looking forward to getting enough Amarr reputation to get into some battleship sized missions where I can test out my Armageddon, Typhoon, and Scorpion. It should be fun!  I’ll try to remember to take some screenies this evening so I can link them up here.

I’m still training for that Orca and second Hulk.  After splurging on two more battleships though (the ‘geddon and ‘phoon), I don’t think I’ll have the ISK for it by the time I’m actually able to fly the darn thing, so it may have to wait a bit due to funding constraints.   Not too much else going on – I did pop in on Warhammer for a bit the other day only to find my server was a “low population” server, so I probably need to move all of my ‘toons yet again.  I think this will be the fourth time I’ve had to move my ‘toons – I wish there were a “mass move” option, grrr.

The weekend is fast approaching, I hope it arrives quickly and finds you in good spirits! Enjoy!