…for gaming at least.  With the visit up to Utah, I did have pretty decent internet service via my cell phone, but I really didn’t have time for any gaming.  Just did a little facebooking and browsing the net.  Family took up the balance of the time.  I did keep my training queues up and running for my EVE toons, and that’s about it on the computing front.

Wilhelm posted an interesting topic last week about AFK missioning in drone boats and that got me thinking about the same thing.  As a rule in MMO’s, I’m a “pet-class” player, and the EVE version of a pet class is the drone boat: A ship that can release up to 5 semi-autonomous killing machines, and can keep several different styles of said machines within it’s “drone bay,” for various occasions.   The best drone boats are those from the Gallente empire, since they have bigger drone bays and they provide various bonuses to the drones (like more damage and/or more survivability). 

As a tri-boxer, I’m torn between using my “tried-n-true” missioning technique of kite/tank, snipe, and EWAR or might it be more efficient to just jump in and unload full bays of drones to do my dirty work…  Hmmmm.  Two of my toons are already pretty proficient with drones, and they can fly some of the non-specialized drone boats already, so I may take them out on some test runs to see how they do using a Maelstrom and an Armageddon.  My third toon doesn’t have any drone skills, but I believe he’d still be useful in his EWAR Scorpion.  If all goes well, I may do the cross-training required to fly the “real” Gallente style drone boats after I finish my current training plan for the ultimate mining 3-boat fleet (Two Hulks and an Orca, which I should have complete in a week or two… I’m already getting giddy towards that prospect).  If I go cruiser for lower lvl. missions I guess I’ll use the Hurricane and an Arbitrator with an EWAR Blackbird – can you take battle-cruisers into Lvl-1 & 2 missions? I’ll have to give it a try I guess…

Not much else to report. I hope your week goes great, Enjoy!