I’m still mining trying to get enough ISK to afford my ORCA.  After splurging on the Scorpion and the Claymore, I’ve already got my bank back up to 200M ISK. Orcas go for around 450M in my neck of the woods, so I’m not too worried.  And by the end of this week, I’ll be able to throw a Retriever in on the mining mix – if I really feel the need for it.

I also did some more probe exploration and can easily lock down wormholes and most other signatures.  The only one still taking awhile to lock are drones.  I think that’s because they’re so small and they’re always on the move.  I haven’t found any abandoned ships yet, which is what I’d really like to find someday.  I’m sure I will find one eventually.  Too many people get too comfortable in some of their locations, or they go link dead and can’t get back on in awhile – I’m watching for you! 😀 

In other gaming news, I finally took a look at the new single-player Battleforge map, “Oracle” last night, and that was fun.  I just did the normal difficulty to get a feel for the place and how nasty it might be in Advanced or Expert Mode.  I think Advanced will be ok, but Expert, as always, will probably end up an exercise in frustration management, bleh.  Oh well, it’ll probably be fun in Advanced, and that’s the mode I tend to play most often anyways.

Hope your week is shaping up nicely – Enjoy!