It’s not good to “oops” in EVE, but I don’t always take the most planned or intelligent path through EVE.  Last night I was practicing my exploration skills and found my first wormhole.  So of course I just HAD to go through it to see what was on the other side. 

I ended up somewhere very far away out in 0.0 (“zero-zero”) space and did some more probing around.  I found a couple “sleeper sites” and… another wormhole.  So of course I went and trotted down the next wormhole, which took me even further away from home base than I was before (now 44 jumps from home, instead of the mere 37 from the last location).   This was an interesting location.  After doing some exploration, I found a huge number of ships all clustered together – abandoned. Everything from rookie ships up to carriers.  I was dumbfounded. 

So I warped in at max range (100km) and cloaked to find an extraordinarily well protected and defended piece of space.  There was a huge bubble of some kind surrounding this menagerie. There were sentry guns and missile batteries of all types all over the place.  Even at 100KM, I ended up close enough to the bubble thing to force my ship to de-cloak.  I still had a bit of time to look around a bit, but then one of the defenses started targeting me, so I warped of to my “safe spot,” but not before taking a hit from a missile – it barely scratched my shields, but still, I was ready to move on.

I re-cloaked at the safe-spot to assess my location and saw that there was a stargate that linked to 0.5 space.  And since it was getting late – very late – I thought I’d better start looking for a station to dock for the night.  There wasn’t a station in the 0.5 sector, but there was another stargate to a 0.8 system.  So I gated there and and found two stations. I picked one and docked for the night. 

I’m still VERY far from home base, and am wondering if I can backtrack the way I came. Of if it might be better just to randomly jump through wormholes, hoping I end up a bit closer to home.  Besides, exploration is fun – but I’m so far from home that I won’t be able to take advantage of any of the cool things I find 😦  Next time I’ll know better to take the rest of my fleet through, esp. since they’ve all got cloaking and some pretty good firepower.  Dunno that I could take out a sleeper with just an inty and a stealth bomber, but I’m sure I can take out other rats. 

I’ll probably mess around with exploration the rest of the weekend, just to hone my skills a bit.  And then I’ll start the long trek home to share what I learned with my “homies.”  I hope your weekend is fun and fulfilling – Enjoy!