Yup, I’m back in the EVE universe again.  What really hooked me back in was a little mining expedition.  I was just going to go plow under a belt and see how things were going on my training etc.  So after clearing the belt I headed back to the station to refine and sell the ore. BAM!  I made over 30 million ISK!  Which is about 3X what I used to get for the same ore just a few months ago .

Anyways, I figured I’d better stay “in-game” for awhile, at least for as long as these high ore prices are around. I also learned a bit about probing with my Buzzard and I splurged and bought my EWAR toon (Naberius) a Scorpion.  But my current training plans are to get Marko into an Orca and Nab into a Hulk (using a Retriever as a stepping stone). And since Oro is already pretty max’d in Mining skills, I’m training him for “speed tanking” missions in a Crow, while Marko plinks with either his Hound or Maelstrom.  And Nab jams/damps them in his Blackbird or Scorpion.

In Nab’s Buzzard, I was able to find three “hideouts,” so that was fun.  I then brought in the battleships and blew everything away without hardly a dent to my sheild layers. Marko was in his Maelstrom and Oro was in his Raven, while Nab did his snooping in the Buzzard.  I also found a rogue drone hive, but it was getting late and I didn’t get over there to do any extermination.  Maybe tomorrow.

I hope your weekend was fun and that your week goes smooth. Enjoy!