‘Cuz the blog gets very little attention… I’ve been busy at work and busy outdoors, busy cleaning house, busy, busy, busy – I tend to skip the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing and do all that during Summer for some reason.

So besides all the work stuff, what have I been doing for entertainment?  Mainly I’ve been watching (the new) Dr. Who.  I just finished Season 4 over the weekend, so I’m all caught up with the show, as far as DVD releases go. 

I’ve also been adding quite a few photo albums to my facebook page – which led to an interesting IE8 discovery.  When I first tried to upload photos, IE on my laptop kept hanging and crashing on the ActiveX download.  I Googled the issue and it appears A LOT of people have this issue and nobody seemed to have an answer.  Eventually I FINALLY found something to make it work for me.  Apparently if you have both the MS version of the Java Virtual Machine and the Sun version, there’s some kind of problem. So the fix is to remove the crummy MS version and keep or re-install the working Sun version of Java by following these steps (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).

As for gaming, I’ve mainly been goofing around in BattleForge, however an old friend called me up and convinced me to resub to LOTRO, at least for another 3-month “trial.” We’ll see if it sticks this time, or not…  I really WANT to like LOTRO ‘cuz the setting and graphics are simply superb, but the grind-style of play really leaves me wanting. But, supposedly, Turbine has made quite a few improvements to the game since I last played.  We’ll see if it’s enough to keep me interested. And of course I’ve been popping in 0n Warhammer and EVE online just to keep tabs on how things are going there.

Over the weekend I also bought a little PnS (point-n-shoot) camera to tide me over until I can afford a new digital SLR.  As a Father’s Day gift to myself, I ended up getting a little “CoolPix” Nikon, and it’s been great so far – it’s noticeably better than my old Olympus digital.  My long term goal is to get a Nikon D90, or equivalent, once they get the upgraded to support SDXC cards(the 2TB SD cards).  I took a bunch of pictures at “Tsunami on the Square,” so I’ll try to post some of those – but probably over on my FB albums.  Hmmm, I’ll have to try linking from here to there and see if that works well.  It’d certainly be much quicker than having to re-size everything to make it “web friendly,” which the FB app does auto-magically 😀 

Anyways, I hope y’all had a great weekend, and that you fathers out there had a super Father’s Day too!  Enjoy!

[Edit: adding an experimental FB photo album link]