I’ve only been playing Battle Forge, and that sparingly.  I’ve been spending most of my leisure time this week watching the new Dr. Who series on DVD.  I finished Season One on Wednesday and I’m two discs into Season Two already.  I’ll probably finish that up over the weekend and then start watching some other vid’s I’ve got coming my way.  One of the “hazards” of working at the library is that it’s very easy to request a hold on anything in the collection and pick it up on your way out the door.

And when your library is part of a county-wide consortium, the collection is quite large and just about anything you want to find is somewhere in the system.  Then it can be requested and usually delivered within a couple days.  I’m feel so spoiled! 😀 But I love it!

I’ve also been mucking around my facebook page and adding things like music preferences and commenting on my friends’ walls and all that fb junk.  But mainly I’ve just been veg’ing to Dr. Who. 

I did get a new set of colored pencils from a local art store. I had no idea that colored pencils were so expensive!  No wonder they offer to sell them one at a time, for upwards of $2 per pencil. Yikes!  They had a very nice set of 60 pencils for $100 – OY!  But there was also another 60 pencil set that was on clearance for $40 (originally $70), so I bought that set instead. Otherwise the cheapest “per pencil” brand they had was $1.25 ea. So, getting the $40 set was a much better deal. 

Once I got that home, I overheated my electric pencil sharpener.  It was an el-cheapo “X-ACTO” brand and I’ve never been very happy with it, so I’ve ordered a new “Panasonic” brand sharpener that has rave reviews on Amazon.  Somewhere I have a Boston brand sharpener, which I cannot find for the life of me, but if I remember right I wasn’t terribly impressed with that one either…  Hopefully the Panasonic will do the job, I’d hate to hand-crank sharpen 60 pencils – oy!

I hope y’all have an amazing weekend! Enjoy!