It’s been an incredibly busy week, and I only got to do a very few of the things I wanted to do in my limited personal time – I did get to go to the Web Developers Meet Up group, but I missed out on the local Blogger meeting and another coffee group that met on Thursday night. 

But in the little bit of free time that I did happen to squeeze in between guests, chores, and other things that life throws you, I downloaded and started playing Battle Forge.  It’s an interesting mix of collector-card-game (like Magic: The Gathering) and Real Time Strategy (like StarCraft). And they actually pulled it off pretty well.  I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit.  I’m hoping that with the addition of more maps and card-sets, the game will grow into something quite interesting.  

I’m up to the “advanced” stage – which basically means I’m going through the maps for the  second time at the next difficulty setting (similar to how Diablo had regular, nightmare, and hell modes).  Anyways, I’m finding that it’s providing a nice diversion for now, and I was due for a break from Warhammer.